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external servo power source
hey fellas hows life? was wondering if anyone has run external power for their steering servo to get more power out of them. I am probably getting into another unnecessary project but was wondering if it can be done and how to do so. I mean i have a general idea of how to do it was just looking for other thoughts and if anyone has done this to their drift machines.
Yeah it's quite common in other RC types to run a separate BEC (eg 3-5A @ 6V)
bypassing the BEC in your ESC (usually 1-2A)

especially in crawlers where you may have super torquey servo/s
and winch etc which suck lotsa juice

However unless your RX is already browning out or glitching
an external BEC won't make your servo "more powerful".
Servos mostly run off max of 6V, anymore they fry.

You can find some "FET boosted" servos that need an extra 7.2V feed wire
or lately you can buy "high voltage" servos that run off 2s lipo directly.
But you can also find 6V units for high torque &/or high speed anyway
if you wanna spend $100+ for a servo.
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i seen the high torque high speed that can be hooked to 2s lipos directly. the problem i have run into is my servo is weak and slow. dont really want to spend hundred plus dollars for a new servo that is much faster. my idea though is to buy a servo that i have found that is high voltage compatible and running it on a seperate power source but i am not using lipos yet. i am still running brushed set up. my nitro truck had a mildly fast servo but it is long gone as well meaning i sold that truck. i dont remeber what i was running or i would buy the same one. lol damn memory

the servo i am thinking of running is the solar d771 digital high voltage and was thinking of running external power till i switched to lipo and brushless set up
don't bother mucking around, just get a better servo for less than cost of lunch... :)

std decent-brand servo like a Futaba S3003 runs at 4kg/40oz torque,
speed around 0.20s and weighs about 40g

You can find @ HKing faster & beefier units for under $10,
Metal Gear too for under $20... overkill though in drift car (MG is heavier too).
I like HK homebrand, others like the Bluebird.

Stick to analogue if you're uncertain if your radiogear can handle digital servos.

Big brandnames like KO, Futaba, JR, Sanwa sell premium servos.
There's also midtier offerings from Hitec & Savox.
Also some newcomers like OMG.
[Image: MRCsig.gif]
The one I found from nitrorcx is about 20$ and seems to be decent. I think it was around .17 @ 7.4v for speed

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if you've got a good RX/TX, high speed servo and battery I don't really see the need for external power source, except maybe to be unique.
I'm by no means an expert drifter, but after upgrading my batteries and a high speed digital servo I can't imagine needing an external power source for a servo in drifting.
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I was just hoping to get a setup that I can benefit from till I go brush less and run lipos. Right now I'm running brushed and a 7.2v battery. I will prolly end up getting a high speed high torque servo and run it off the internal bec. Just want a snappier stronger servo is all. All the input I'm getting is very helpful btw

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