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Fallout S13
Latest body painted fora customer. Fallout 4 fans should like it.

[Image: 13061946_1246252572068887_11918771902954...e=579E4D85]

[Image: 13012765_1246252578735553_35028630402656...e=57A8DABB]

[Image: 13015118_1246252615402216_32813253843975...e=57A5C864]

[Image: 13012673_1246252632068881_81110464095102...e=57BD1F5D]

[Image: 13062091_1246252642068880_67508951896002...e=57A516B0]

[Image: 13043529_1246252678735543_76230713478537...e=57BDC6A3]

[Image: 13006674_1246252702068874_58118087239896...e=57BF484E]

[Image: 13010800_1246252715402206_63380076781925...e=579B5929]

[Image: 13062548_1246252725402205_73893147526794...e=577201D4]
Is there a car seat for Shaun? j/k Great work!

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Looks great, what wheels are those?
Looks awesome! Great work.
Amazing work! I'm lovin the detail put into this. How long did it take to complete?

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That's pretty sick and I'm a big fallout fan.
Sweet paint job!
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Thanks guys, the wheels are GMade beadlock crawler wheels, and honestly are just a hair to big to use for drifting, but thats what I had laying around that looked like a steel wheel.

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