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First Drift Build, anyone willing too help?
Looking into getting into RC drifting for a hobby. I want too start in RWD, However I don't know really what I should be looking for, or where too get it. Say websites and tools I'll need. What the bare minimum I need and nice extras too have. I'm not exactly on a tight budget but I'd like too have my first car around say $500 or 600$ dollars. If someone would like another way to contact me just let me know.
Thank you too those who help.
(01-30-2018, 09:39 AM)JiggleJiggle Wrote:  Thank you too those who help.

Just got my first drift car and it was a 3racing sakura d4 awd. I've got nothing to compare it to but the kit was fun to build and I'm running on 2s Lipo with a 27t brushed motor and it seems to slide pretty good on carpet. The kit was 120 and I had most of the electronics and a body laying around so it cost me less than 200 to get it rolling. Hope this helps. Good luck and good drift!

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