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First experiences with CS 1.5
Hey y'all!

After lurking on this site for a year and fooling around with my E10 (and some false starts with an Eagle Racing Ta05) I decided to take the plunge into countersteer with a MS-01d rtr.  
Man this thing is wild! such an upgrade! not only is it more fun to tune but it feels and looks much more real than the E10. Way more fun, though I might keep the E10 around for bash duty.  

I've been fooling around with the suspension based on what I've read on the forum and have the back set soft and the front set a bit harder and that's helped me refine my control. I plan on easing the camber of the rear too to keep from spinning out on tight switchbacks.  

Two things I've noticed that I'd like to get some feedback on:
1. It's really hard to keep this thing in a straight line. I can control it in a slide well enough, but if I want to go straight and fast for a few feet to get inertia for a long sweeper it wants to spin out. I pretty much always have to be in a drift to have control. Does that seem normal for CS or is that a tuning issue? My 50/50 E10 was quite a bit easier to straighten out.  

2. My MS-01d is pretty susceptible to track conditions, more so than the 50/50. For instance, I drift on the sloping floor of my living room, which hardly affected the 50/50, but on CS the slight elevation change is something I always have to take into account. Also, when I drift in the parking lot by my house little stones and cracks will send the MST out of control, whereas the E10 just rolled on over or knocked them out of the way. Have you all had this experience switching to CS from 50/50?  

I'm running the stock CS of 1.54, btw. I don't plan on upping that any time soon. Everything else is stock and I'm using the brushed motor, but I have a brushless combo to put in it when I have the time and a little more soldering experience.  

Thanks! This site is great!
What suspension settings are you running? I would buy a MST DK spring set and experiemnent with all the spring stiffneses and see which works best.

Yea CS is a little finicky. You just have to get used to it. Someone posted a mod about more lock on an MS-01D, I would go ahead and follow what he did because more lock is always good.  
When In doubt, Throttle Out!!!
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Yeah I heard on another forum that the first hardware upgrade on the MS-01d RTR should be the shocks and springs. Def something I'll need to get into once I've gotten all the experience I can with the stock stuff (I'm pretty new to shock adjustment since I didn't have it on my E10)

I believe it has 150wt oil in the stock shocks. I have the rear shock adjuster dialed all the way up and the front adjuster is about 7mm down, if that makes any sense.

I saw the post on steering lock and did the mod right away. Currently the wheel can turn far enough to hit the shock, so I figure if I get some wider offset wheels I'll be in even better shape!


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