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First RC Drift Build Questions
I have a few questions about the Sakura D4, which I have read a lot about (most reliable for cheap). Just for a basis what are some pros and cons, I mainly ask because I don't know what to look for as I'm new to this.
Just some things that make it good in its price range and bad as well.
I'm putting 2 together right now.
Check out my thread

concerning general opinions on the D4 .
There are People that own both the D4 RWD & the MST RWD and like both but the D4 a bit more.
People say the MSTs drive good right out of the box.
On the other hand the D4 can drift better than the MST when set up correctly.
Some people prefer the 4wd/Awd cars as they drift easier on most surfaces and you won't be very dependant on the GYRO and more dependant on your own skills.

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