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first rwd rc but need help on chassis
currently have a Tamiya TT-01 E   but after trying my friends sakura d4 rwd ebay edition it feels a lot better so i have decided on a building a new car limit is 200 pounds uk money

can anyone recommend a decent chassis as i have seen so many and now i dont no what to look for or buy
What electrics are you running on the TT-01? I would suggest sifting through the used market and finding yourself a half-decent D4 and starting there. Transfer your electrics over and go from there.

If it's something different your'e after, the MST RMX 2.0 and the Yokomo YD-2 are currently very popular.
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This post very nice
I can vouch for the MST RMX chassis, I'm about halfway on mine. Construction is very nice, materials are solid, and the interchangeable weight solutions MST offers the chassis is quite nice. However this is only comparable to my Tamiya XV01 which I used for a AWD setup.

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