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First time purchasing a brush less system, Does this look right?
So, I have a Tamiya TT-02 type S.

I plan to drift it as well as drive it with grip tires. so it's sort of a dual purpose basher.

I'm not trying to win or even enter races here, I just want to go faster than the motor that came with it.

I THINK I've settled on a good combo here, but I would LOVE some veteran opinions..

the question - Are these two going to work together?

And my second question, Do you know of something better at the same price point? my budget is a 100$ bill or less.
Really? No opinions?
Might want to check this one out
Exceed RC MadPulse awd

I prefer to stick to one brand on ESC and motor.
I would go for the turnigy ESC + 10.5t. I think your combo should be fine. But turnigy ESC has turbo function which is nice.

I am using currently team powers esc + motor combo . 10.5 t with xps sport v2. Also just got a speed passion 10.5 t v3 but I haven't tested it out yet.

I am quite sure u can mix the motors but compatibility wise on the hobbywing ESC. I am not sure. But I have ordered a cheap ESC and going to test it out in the next couple of weeks.

One more thing, if you are running on smooth surfaces 10.5t is fine. Try not to go higher turns. Higher turns is smoother but you need to adjust gearing and that depends on your setup. Lower turns gives u an edge and pulls you out of sticky situations slightly better.

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Hobbywing esc and tekin brushless 13.5 has smooth low throttle response

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