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for sale section?
Would be nice to see a for sale section, I don't know how other people post on other forums to buy or sell items.
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Weve had this discussion between admins a few times. We came to the conclusion that for now it makes sense not to have one yet.
I am also in favor of a for sale section However i can understand and respect the choice to not have one by the Admin's.
i can only hope that as the forum grows, this possibility will be reconsidered ^^
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Ill 3rd that really would be nice to have a for sale
and wanted section but def understand pros and
cons of having one
I understand the admins decision on why we don't have one.. Probably want active members who put time towards the forums instead of people jus trying to sell stuff.. That's how forums die... It becomes an eBay...
The underdog drifter....
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Your right r some people join just to sale
so that's def understandable
I've seen forums with a "minimum" posts before you can access the for sale section
The community seems to be doing fine without a for sale section. Usually people have their sources on where to buy accessories, so the need is not necessary.
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The thing about an international forum and a sales section is that considering postage and stuff there are all sorts of posibilities for disputes..
Theres a reason that ebay and paypal exists.

I fully support the no sales tread side of things, if anything keep it private in the pm sytem..
On the contrary I believe having a for sale section with a "minimum post required" is a great idea. I rather deal with many of you guys on this forum then some stranger on Ebay. Also you can implement the "vouching system" where something that is a high dollar ticket item cant be sold unless the person selling it can be vouched by another member with (example) Atleast 100 post and member over 6months... etc etc...

You can have the itrader system where member's can leave positive and negative feedback on each other as well.

I feel like if someone has atleast 75 post they are definitely not here only to sell.

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