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Ford Mustang 66 Fast and Furious 3

I have just finish my new body.
This is a mustang which is very largely based on that of fast and furious 3

[Image: 67779_fast2.jpg]

[Image: 36039_fast.jpg]
Nice car
I think the car was a hunter green?
lol When I saw this my first thought was "I dont recall a Mustang in FF o.0 Then I remembered Tokyo Drift so yes lol
[Image: 1967-the-fast-furios-toky_600x0w.jpg]

I kind of wish someone would make a Fast back body, I would own a few. :D

I like it though need to get me one of these.
-.- After seeing the thread I looked to see if anyone Has/Had made a 68 Fastback and sure enough my luck -.-

Wife just got mad at me for "considering" a new body.

it is true that the green is too bright, it is btw why I said that I had "based" because the color is not the real.
I chose this one because I liked the color, and reproductions of the real are also very clear.

It must also be said that the color on the photo does not make really the same, in real it is slightly darker.
My first thought was on the gran turino of Fast 4.
[Image: ford+terino+1972jpg.jpg]

Thats one badas$ ride if you ask me..
The gran Torino was beautiful too I loves the car, to the OP hopefully I didn't come off as rude I really didn't mean too but also need to say thank you because of the thread found another body I want to buy for my rc lol. The emerald green looks real sharp on the Body your useing
the green on the ff3 mustang is supposed to be highland green but the mustang looks killer
I bought a similar car cheap at all, a week ago, just such, I think that the powerful remake was interesting you got, I will share your videos when their Babe transformed into a more smile And the beauty is in principle also did, for such money will come, and even cheaper than anywhere bought) remained on tuning, will be busy .. oh ... oh oyoy 0-0

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