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Forever evolving MST RMX-D
Hey guys,
Its been a while since I last drifted but lately I have gone back to my other passion of radio control cars.
Here is my build thread of my rc drift car. I have been a big fun of Max Speed Technology from Tawain, they are quite new but very innovative rc company. My first taste of MST was the MS01D Pro*

[Image: 7961074618_408a441e5d_o.jpg]

I brought the MST RMX-D VIP in 4wd on its debate but its been collecting dust on the shelf. But recently MST has develop a lot of mods and recently popularity of rwd rc drift had revived my interested in this chassis.
[Image: 532125_2.jpg]
I gone a bit crazy with shopping
[Image: DSC06183_zpsi9aeggra.jpg]

first off the shocks, changed to MST dk dual rate shocks and aluminium spring retainers
[Image: DSC06170_zpsmmpc7dse.jpg]
next up the rmx-d vip comes with aluminium wheel hex, I upgraded to aluminium brake rotor and calipers
[Image: DSC06171_zpsuzh6symb.jpg]
[Image: DSC06172_zpsdqcxpy8n.jpg]
added a diffuser with a weights tray*
[Image: DSC06179_zpsh9f70wes.jpg]

I always wonder what these holes are for?
[Image: DSC06175_zpsybmod92n.jpg]
Chassis stiffeners
[Image: DSC06176_zps0rutictn.jpg]
[Image: DSC06178_zpsgbh8y9m6.jpg]

Now the rwd mods begins
[Image: DSC06179_zpsh9f70wes.jpg]
So I have removed the front one way diff, along with the front belt. A 20g weight is also added in place where the front diff used to be
[Image: DSC06185_zpsewzkkjsy.jpg]

The rear belt pulley and diff setup is also remove in place with a geared setup for more instant power transfer. The motor mount has also been shifted up for higher centre gravity
[Image: DSC06186_zpsj8jdckpr.jpg]

The original motor position used to be here
[Image: 20150422_155828_zpsdrgdxr4v.jpg]

I have swapped the carbon fibre shock tower to aluminium ones
[Image: DSC06188_zpsvyhvzfms.jpg]
The steering knuckles been upgraded to the MST AKM aluminium uprughts
[Image: DSC06184_zps7aqy0acs.jpg]

As you can see, there is alot more mounting configurations to adjust caster, king pin inclination angle and ackerman
[Image: DSC06190_zpso8pvzjkv.jpg]

30g weight been add to the front bumper support for more grip at the front end, the carbon bumper support also swapped to an aluminium one
[Image: DSC06173_zpsbslhyv6f.jpg]
here is how it sits now
[Image: DSC06191_zps3no4dk5x.jpg]

MST just release a*carbon lateral battery mounts. This moves the battery location and servo location for more central layout and better balance
[Image: 0520-0.jpg]
[Image: 02(2).jpg]
so I have two Yokomo bodies which I brought when I was last in Japan. Now I am going to decide which one will go on the RMX-D
Yokomo D1 Blitz Dunlop ER34 Nissan Skyline
[Image: dp_bl34d_14.jpg]
[Image: dp_rea7_01.jpg]
look what came in the mail today

RMX Centralized carbon lower deck

[Image: DSC06412_zpsk0v1syzs.jpg]
Between the ER34 and the FD3S, which one gives you more clearance for the new motor position? I own both body shells as well (technically two of the FD3S) and like them both.

  • Yokomo DIB275 Premium (RWD Conversion)
  • Yokomo DPR (Hayato Yoshiba Spec)
  • Yokomo YD-4
  • Yokomo YD-2 PLUS
Drift Gundam Blog
Very nice. Nice and clear photos. Purple seems to be my favorite color with alloy parts at the moment. Don't see to many people use the M7 body, so running that would be different.

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