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Forever evolving MST RMX-D
so this is how the chassis was sitting
[Image: i-mWf5MCs.jpg]

the good thing with a very stiff upper chassis is you can pretty much unbolt the bottom chassis and the rest of the car stays in one piece
[Image: i-mgDF9Tg.jpg]

I have replaced the carbon fibre plate with an aluminium one, apparently the steering movement will be alot smoother
[Image: i-4zBtzn7.jpg]
[Image: i-DfGWVcD.jpg]
a new taller servo saver needed for the conversion
[Image: i-8VSmbKf.jpg]

and now how it looks with the centralized carbon lower deck conversion done, as you can see everything been moved into the middle of the chassis
[Image: i-rq8sX56.jpg]

Now I want more front inner wheel to suspension clearance without using massive offset wheel, the shock will have to run vertically straight. But the down side is the distance between the shock mount and lower arms will be shorter and the shock and springs will be compressed plus not to mention the lack of stroke. New lower arms have been added
[Image: i-VS4r4pc.jpg]

cool thing with these lower y arms, they can be inverted to give more length between the shock mount and lower arm
[Image: i-GSPCLpd.jpg]
[Image: i-cM3RpQf.jpg]
wire clamps to make wiring a bit neater
[Image: jJnsjE5.jpg]

and this is how she looks now, along with my new chassis
[Image: yYoFBQO.jpg]
I decided to go with an air cooled porsche 911, tamiya has a 1974 911 RSR body but the downside its for a shorter wheelbase car
[Image: XgNHZER.jpg]

luckily the RMX-D wheelbase is 255mm and the tamiya porsche 911 is 251mm. By moving these spacers to the back of the rear arm I can make the wheelbase 253mm, hopefully + 1mm front and back won't be a huge noticeable difference visually.
[Image: xc7LrNE.jpg]

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