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Full detail Addiction RB 180SX Rodeo Special V2
Just a bit by bit WIP thread for my (likely) final drift shell for the foreseeable future. 

Background: I won a Yokomo 180SX street version shell in a raffle at a meet recently. Funnily enough, I'm the furthest thing from a S-Chassis' fan. I struggle to find them attractive or interesting, less so the sheer number of and poor-renditions of them as well. It's a polarising thing, I understand, but s-chassis' are just... unlikable for me. The first thing I said when I saw the prize as 'Well, this is one raffle I hope not to win..."... nek minut >.> first thing i've ever won in a raffle too >.>

Anyhow, the 180SX is probably my least disliked of all s-chassis variants, but still I was struggling to see the light as to what I could do with it. I thought about selling it, giving it back, painting it for the club etc etc. I settled my dislikes when I recognised the capacity of what could be achieved with such a shell. 

The first step was the AddictionXABC Rocket Bunny Rodeo Special V2 for 180SX. I mean, wow. No half-assed mods, no half-assed silly wheel combos, no half-assed aero. The thing is crazy cool, packing a diffuser, beefed up fenders, complex front splitter and canards. 

I was sold. 

So I decided I'd go all-out as much as I could. Engine bay, check. Interior, check. Fenderless kit, check. big wing, check etcetcetcetcetc

Parts List (so far):
1. Yokomo 180SX Street Version
2. AddictionXABC RB Rodeo Special V2 (all parts except for ducktail spoiler)
3. Pandora Inner kit (interior + bumperless kit) 
4. Mikuni Flat bonnet (original vented bonnet as spare)
5. DemiWorks RB26DETT engine bay
6. Speedway pal double cannon exhaust
7. Speedway pal side mirrors
8. WUN real-look light decals
9. Yokomo light buckets
10. Addiction wing mounts for 86/BRZ
11. combined with Yokomo tall aluminim wing mounts
12. Xtra Aluminium intercooler
13. DemiWorks fender screws
14. ob1 Light kit. 
15. Home-made roll cage

16. Praying for D-Craft light buckets to be restocked, but otherwise i'll make my own. 

Stay tuned for more updates coming in the future!

[Image: ql18wPL.jpg]
[Image: pgNNjza.jpg]
Kazama GSX-R Doripake
Tamiya TA-06 MS 
Sanwa M12
A buddy of mine is a big S-series and AE86 fan, and while I understand his appreciation for them, they really don't do anything for me as I prefer the lines of the R-3# series, FC3S, and FD3S. That being said, I want to give one of the Rocket Bunny kits a shot sooner or later so I'll be following your build, once again. I just need to finish building a spray booth for winter painting.

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  • Yokomo DPR (Hayato Yoshiba Spec)
  • Yokomo YD-4
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Drift Gundam Blog
Nice! Looks like you have a pretty cool parts list. I can not wait to see how this comes together.
Just taking my time as life is busy and whatnot but here's some progress!
[Image: Eh3bpCs.jpg]
shell preliminary cuts
[Image: QSA2W6h.jpg]
Demiworks RB26DET engine bay
[Image: y1btLOe.jpg]
Many things to cut out... but the detail is great! pity the cutting lines are rubbiiissshhhhh
[Image: SWpzQ6y.jpg]
[Image: Zsaja6L.jpg]
inner frame!
[Image: ssEN1JH.jpg]
Rear inner kit, going with Pandora's S13 one here instead of the ABCXAddiction version for 180sx... because well, detail!
[Image: tiJP7jD.jpg]
front quarter panels separated and mock up of the front inner kit
[Image: MMmlBIL.jpg]
ABCxAddiction RB Rodeo Special V2 fenders! much to cut out here... #LH44
[Image: 0j3qY2G.jpg]
engine in... kinda. Just a mockup to see how everything goes (or doesn't go..) together
[Image: NLLmpVd.jpg]
+ front bumper, bonnet, quarter panels, dashboard

more to come,
thanks! #MD
[Image: pgNNjza.jpg]
Kazama GSX-R Doripake
Tamiya TA-06 MS 
Sanwa M12
It would be amazing to do a cast of that kit, I'd definitely be afraid of all that cutting
looks like it will be fun..
The underdog drifter....
[Image: 117.gif]
Body mods to the max!
Cant wait to see it. Off to a good start.
Looks like an amazing project.
Psyched to see where this goes. More pics, more updates man!
Yokomo DP - RWD | Instagram: Hobby_Monster

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