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Genki's FR-D Ver. 2
Overdose x WUN FR-D


I had come up with the idea of building an all black FR-D early last year, and throughout the year I had collected parts for my eventual FR-D build.
Since I wanted to build an all black chassis, I sold my FR-D Ver 1.1 kit when I got wind of the Ver. 2 kit including black carbon decks instead of SSG.
By this time I had collected most of the major bits I'd be needing, and after selling my DIB, I ordered the remaining parts I'd need to complete the chassis.
So now that I have all the parts I need to build the FR-D into a roller, it's time to get down to business.

Build - Part 1

Here it is, all the contents of the box layed out.
[Image: 003_zps76298c1f.jpg]

I started by prepping the main chassis plates carbon edges, by sanding them down, and adding some glue to seal the edges.
As far as the sanding went, I used some 400 grit sandpaper, giving the edges a good sand to get rid of the "sharp" feeling.
[Image: 008_zpsb58a8aa4.jpg]

With that done, I turned my attention to building the WUN kit.
I started by assembling the gearbox, this was actually a very straightforward process.
[Image: 005_zps7c96f5c0.jpg]

I should note I opted to run some Square RC steel pinions.
These are some of the strongest steel pinions on the market.
[Image: 004_zps74284514.jpg]

The gear mesh is adjusted by loosening the top screw, and adjusting the arm up or down.
As you can see, I ditched the stock black hex screws for some gold hex screws.
[Image: 004_zps99c364c2.jpg]

Once this was done, I went to work on the front suspension mounts.
As per the manual I shaved down the stock plastic front separate suspension mounts.
[Image: 012_zpsb61d268e.jpg]

The reason for doing so is to create clearance for the motor.
If you are running the aluminum mounts, I do not believe you will have to worry about clearance issues.
[Image: 015_zps22da8c79.jpg]

The FR-D kit supplies a front suspension mount, which has a cutout for the motor.
[Image: 014_zps677f12e7.jpg]

Next I installed the steering posts, as well as the hardened front drive cup that comes with the FR-D Ver. 2 kit.
[Image: 011_zps9d90315e.jpg]

[Image: 012_zpsec608a0a.jpg]

Everything is coming together nicely, very straightforward build.
[Image: 013_zpse29d998c.jpg]

As for the gears, make sure you do not tighten the pinions right up against the aluminum mounts.
Doing so may cause some binding, a little play is desirable for a free moving transfer case.
[Image: 014_zpscff7fd8a.jpg]

With the front bulkhead/transfer case built, I turned my attention to the rear gear case.
I opted to run a black Overdose gear case in place of the stock plastic unit.
[Image: 007_zps8a779b37.jpg]

Inside it would be housing a RC926 light weight solid axle.
This unit is aluminum, with steel outdrive cups.
[Image: 005_zps450649fd.jpg]

For the rear damper tower, I will also be running an Overdose rear tower.
[Image: 015_zps4073433e.jpg]

For the gears, I am using the stock plastic units mated to the RC926 solid axle.
[Image: 022_zps31b1ecce.jpg]

Everything is coming together great at this point.
[Image: 016_zps06e2b50f.jpg]

For my rear drive cup, I'm also using an Overdose unit.
[Image: 017_zps0ae8dc13.jpg]

For the FR-D kit, you need to use the short input shaft used on the front of the Drift Package.
I found there was a fair bit of back and forth play in this, and added some shims to eliminate the play.
[Image: 018_zps720edd99.jpg]

The drive cup is attached using a screw in pin.
This is much more convenient than the original "clip in" pin that comes with the Drift Pacakage.
[Image: 019_zps6dc0cb83.jpg]

I forgot to add the Overdose rear gear case mount, but the rear gear case is basically done.
[Image: 020_zps76fcf677.jpg]

I then installed the gear case, along with the stock plastic suspension blocks.
I should note that the manual says to use front separate suspension blocks in the rear...
Since I didn't have any at the moment, I just installed the rear separate ones for the time being...
[Image: 025_zpsc2a10244.jpg]

As for the center shaft I went with a black Overdose shaft.
[Image: 024_zpsd7c4d022.jpg]

Up next was the battery mounts.
For that I will be using some saddle pack mounts.
These do not come with the FR-D kit, and must be purchased separately.
[Image: 026_zpsb6f80a6e.jpg]

With them installed, the chassis is coming together rather well.
[Image: 027_zps70ab4c5a.jpg]

[Image: 029_zps2c2dc047.jpg]

Now I needed to install the upper deck pieces. This is a two piece design, that ties in the upper deck with the front transfer case/bulkhead.
[Image: 030_zps482b0066.jpg]

And there you have it, the WUN kit is basically all assembled.
[Image: 032_zpsdbda11ae.jpg]

Here you can see the front upper deck design, how it ties in the bottom deck with the steering posts into the top of the transfer case.
[Image: 033_zpsb5de410a.jpg]

Yea... my upper deck is upside down T_T
[Image: 034_zps550c7309.jpg]

In the rear, I added some 1mm spacers under the top deck.
This is all I needed for battery clearance.
You can probably get away with using some M3x10 screws instead of M3x12.
[Image: 036_zps7cb1a2f6.jpg]

[Image: 035_zpsac100375.jpg]

All that was left now was to mount the motor mount ring and front damper tower.
[Image: 031_zpsa474f2c9.jpg]

For the front damper tower, I will be running a black Overdose unit.
[Image: 038_zps66492fd6.jpg]

The final pieces of the WUN kit installed.
[Image: 039_zps98763931.jpg]

The motor mount ring clamps the motor in place using a 18mm screw.
I test fitted my motor, and there should be no need to mount it to the bulkhead/transfer case.
The ring holds it in place firm and secure.
You can always install yours onto the front bulkhead/transfer case to be safe, but I'll opt not to.
[Image: 040_zps2001e89d.jpg]

This is as far as I got today. Overall it didn't take me all that long either.
[Image: 041_zps3136c63a.jpg]

[Image: 042_zpsdd590bba.jpg]

[Image: 043_zps96408f0d.jpg]

Next will be the suspension, and installing the steering wipers.
I'll put the top deck on the correct way when I install the steering wipers as well haha...

Yokomo Type-C - RWD
Wrap-Up Next FR-D - RWD
Currently working on a RWD Sakura D3 Check out my --->build thread^^

I want to do one of those builds so bad..looks sick man I love the ninja look with the gold screw kit..whrre did you get those screws from?
Great looking build! Love how you detailed and step by step you do these builds.
[Image: 4028172207455215s.jpg]
Overdose Drift Package RWD
CER D08 Premium RWD
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Dope!!!!! Very dope!!!! Wouldn't expect anything less from you sunny :)

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Keep Drifting Fun
[Image: 9121590828_f56a93fe31_o.jpg]
I was waiting long time to see this thread! Amazing now I want a fr-d lol, good job Sunny as always.

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Who says Yokomo?
nice detailed build. you use an off camera flash for your pics?
very nice genki, I did the same thing with my top deck on my v1.1. well on the mock up but still funny
FR-D v3.0
Active FR Rwd - Forsale
Oh my eyes =) really great chassis u doing a neat job. Great build man.
[Image: nzofoi.jpg]
Sakura D3
sweet build so far man. hey what screw set is that oyur using. ive never seen gold screws before and would like to source a set for my project.
Team Ghost Drift
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