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Genki's FR-D Ver. 2
Here we go again! Following this build for sure.

p.s. anyway you can get F/R OD Shock towers in red? cant find them in stock anywhere :(
Overdose + Tail-Slider MST XXX-D VIP FM Red w/ HT Suspension Fully upgraded ^^

WOAH! Awesome build! *subbed
Enroute JXRWD 

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Thanks everyone, I appreciate all the kind words! ^^

As for all the questions about the screws, I purchased Square RC gold screws in the sizes I needed, and pieced together my own gold screw kit. It adds up fast though haha T .T

@HAYASHI, I just use a point and shoot, no off camera flashes :P I'd like to upgrade my camera some time soon though T .T

@Hoach, All coloured OD parts (aside from Blue?) were a limited release, so it's kind of a bitch to find them if you didn't get in before they sold out. Best bet is used now, unless OD eventually does a second production run on them. They did a second production run for the bumpers, gear cases and gear case mounts at the beginning of this year...

Yokomo Type-C - RWD
Wrap-Up Next FR-D - RWD
Part 2 : Front Suspension

For the lower arms, I will be running some Ver. 1 WUN Y-Arms.
[Image: 001_zps48dcffee.jpg]

I will be widening the track by approximately 10mm using some black aluminum WUN extension posts.
Widening the track will help make your RWD chassis a bit more stable, and balance grip.
A recommended upgrade.
[Image: 002_zps5a91e621.jpg]

Pictured was a 12mm extension, the 10mm barely peeks out from the suspension arms.
I bought a variety of the spacers to play with track width.
[Image: 004_zpsa47ff750.jpg]

As far as spacing out the suspension, I am using some derlin spacers made by TN-Racing.
[Image: 003_zpsf30d54e7.jpg]

As you can see, I have the bushings in the front suspension arm mounts backwards.
I'll address that down the road as I put the final touches on the build.
For now it will remain as so, since my arms are perfectly spaced out.
[Image: 005_zpsfd31028e.jpg]

For the upper arms, I will be using the WUN HD Upper Arms.
I went with these since I want to try and run the WUN Mono Shock along with my dampers.
Also, unlike the Ver. 1.1 FR-D, you can no longer mount the Overdose upper arm holder without making it look a bit ghetto, so I steered away from that idea.
[Image: 006_zps91c5a89a.jpg]

When installing them, don't try and screw in one side at a time.
You will be left with a loose upper arm that wobbles all over the place.
More on this later.
[Image: 007_zps787014d6.jpg]

For the knuckles, I bought these MST 5.8 ball studs.
This will allow me to use a screw and spacers to space out my knuckles.
[Image: 009_zps9479d99e.jpg]

As for the knuckles themselves, I went with some WUN GX Knuckles.
They are very thin, and will offer a much smaller scrub radius than standard knuckles.
[Image: 010_zps56b201cf.jpg]

For the ball cups, I am just using some standard Yokomo plastic parts.
I shaved them for clearance, and then like an idiot put the balls in upside down XD
[Image: 011_zpscced65f7.jpg]

As for my turnbuckles, I decided to go with some black Overdose aluminum ones.
[Image: 015_zps6d64edd6.jpg]

To prevent any damage to them, I bought this cool Spanner from Tech Racing.
It has some plastic inserts that prevent the aluminum from getting scratched.
[Image: 013_zpsb2a69337.jpg]

Anyways, here I have everything mocked up, and started to play around with spacing ect.
[Image: 017_zps76a6e0d7.jpg]

I'm going to use 3.5mm spacers on top, and 2mm on the bottom.
I may change the bottom spacer to a 1.5mm spacer.
[Image: 018_zps1d2fa8e6.jpg]

Be sure to remove the tower, and install the upper arms using a 2.5mm hex driver on each side to firmly secure them in place.
Failure to do so will result in loose upper arms, with tons of play as previously pictured.
[Image: 019_zps74ee6ac7.jpg]

Looking good so far..
[Image: 021_zps8624f5ec.jpg]

Upon initial mock up I installed the upper arms in the same place as my Type-C.
With the way I spaced my knuckles, this meant that my upper arms were not parallel with my lower arms, and were angled slightly downwards.
This will result in some positive camber gains under compression.
[Image: 020_zps9bf5c616.jpg]

I ended up running the upper arms one hole lower.
I may change the spacer on the bottom of my knuckles to a 1.5mm spacer as previously noted, as my upper and lower arms still don't seem perfectly parallel...
[Image: 022_zpscb30f5e9.jpg]

For the most part though, that's my front suspension setup taken care of!
[Image: 023_zpsbd691a17.jpg]

[Image: 024_zps825c84e8.jpg]

I accidentally scratched an arm T .T
[Image: 025_zps397b8bde.jpg]

Yokomo Type-C - RWD
Wrap-Up Next FR-D - RWD
Im so jealous...this thing is going to turn out sick!..cant wait to start my build next week
Excellent build!
permanent ink markers usually cover up scratches fairly well
So hot sunny

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Keep Drifting Fun
[Image: 9121590828_f56a93fe31_o.jpg]
Sweet I have the same turnbuckles :) Looking good man!
Overdose + Tail-Slider MST XXX-D VIP FM Red w/ HT Suspension Fully upgraded ^^

(03-08-2014, 05:30 PM)904xDRIFT Wrote:  Im so jealous...this thing is going to turn out sick!..cant wait to start my build next week

You're going to love building the kit, it's very easy and straightforward. Can't wait to see yours :)

(03-09-2014, 05:21 PM)HAYASHI Wrote:  Excellent build!
permanent ink markers usually cover up scratches fairly well

OMG THANK YOU! LOL, the permanent makers covered up the scratches nicely, that shit was going to bug me every time I saw it haha

(03-10-2014, 08:04 AM)robb41488 Wrote:  So hot sunny

Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk

Thanks Robb

(03-10-2014, 01:31 PM)Hoach Wrote:  Sweet I have the same turnbuckles :) Looking good man!

Nice! You're XXX-D definitely stands out from the crowd ^^


And now for an update.

My chassis is all black, and the steering wiper mounts are silver.
The Rear hubs on the VX arms are also silver.
My shock mount balls are blue, and my adjuster rings are blue.
This called for some re-anodizing, so I sent the parts to a local anodizer that just happened to be a 15 minute drive from my house ^^
[Image: 001_zpsac1951b6.jpg]

Here are the pieces back from the anodizers.
They came out really well for the most part, but a few items came back with a bit of a matte finish.
This might be a result of me not prepping any parts, or the grade of aluminum used on those parts.
Either way, I am happy with how all the parts turned out!
The matte finish goes completely unnoticed once installed.
[Image: 001_zps43ab9a9f.jpg]

As I stated, for the rear I will be running some Wrap Up Next VX arms.
I bought them to be used with the 2.5mm drift package pins.
The anodizing on the rear hubs shows some machine work, but this is only noticeable when you are zoomed in.
Sitting at my desk, I can not notice the small imperfections.
[Image: 002_zpsab317c63.jpg]

Here's another shot of the finish, looks great.
Also the pins were a perfect fit, not loose, not tight, just perfect.
[Image: 003_zpsd69daebb.jpg]

It's not for everyone, but I'm really loving the look of an all black chassis.
The rear end is coming together great.
[Image: 004_zpsfbc0027c.jpg]

Here are one of the parts that came back with a visibly matte finish.
[Image: 005_zps43db158d.jpg]

Which doesn't really matter, as at normal viewing distance the difference in colour goes unnoticed ^^ (the pic is zoomed in to show the difference in finish)
[Image: 006_zpsafd6328d.jpg]

All that's left for the rear end is installing the dampers, some bearings, CVD's, and some turnbuckles.
All of which I have on hand, minus some ball studs for the turnbuckles >.<
Gonna have to make a quick trip to the hobby store when I have some time to spare...
[Image: 007_zps4ca705f3.jpg]

Next up were the steering wipers.
For a black kit, I have no idea why they included silver wipers with all the kits, but sell the coloured versions separately.
The re-ano on these things came out great though!
[Image: 008_zps1ec44b8e.jpg]

Here is everything installed.
The wipers use a m2.6x6 pitch, so no gold here D:
[Image: 009_zps9d21de2c.jpg]

[Image: 010_zps1ee97ccb.jpg]

Excuse the pics, taking photos of an all black chassis with a point and shoot, and trying to focus on certain parts is a bit hard haha >_>
But here they are installed for the most part.
They should offer some great steering angle, they have a lot of throw.
The fit of all the parts was perfect, no complaints on my behalf.
[Image: 014_zps8952ea5b.jpg]

They will be linked together by a turnbuckle for adjustable ackerman.
I want to see how long of a turnbuckle my friend is running before I install my own.
[Image: 013_zps99c2c226.jpg]

Also, a big thanks to HAYASHI, permanent marker did a good job covering up those small scratches. My head won't explode every time I see them now hahahaha.
[Image: 012_zps122f06cd.jpg]

Now, all that's left to really do is build my Dampers, install turnbuckles, and my rear CVD's/Bearings and I'll have a roller.
I have all parts on hand minus some ball studs for the turnbuckles... ugh, I'll have to make a trip to the hobby shop soon T_T
I'm hoping to have it completed as a roller by next weeks end at the latest.

As far as electronics go, I only have to buy a servo and receiver.
It's going to be a week or two until I purchase the remaining electronics though!

Yokomo Type-C - RWD
Wrap-Up Next FR-D - RWD
Looking amazing, I had some stuff re anodised and a few bits were a little bit matte too. The more polished parts came up a gloss finish than the bare aluminium bits.

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