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Genki's FR-D Ver. 2
What electronics you going to run?
(03-27-2014, 03:10 AM)HAYASHI Wrote:  What electronics you going to run?

A mix of Yokomo, Acuvance and Sanwa ^_^b

As for another update:

Today I built dampers. I decided to go with some Tamiya TRF Special Edition Works Dampers.
[Image: 001_zps30ef19dd.jpg]

Right after opening the package I was pretty disappointed. "What one of us is not like the other"...
[Image: 002_zpse2cec622.jpg]

I can't believe one of the end caps was missing on one of the dampers. Luckily I'm not going to be using the blue aluminum bits, but still... for how much these cost, you'd expect to get everything you paid for.
[Image: 003_zps04e6341f.jpg]

For the dampers, I will be running Kazama adjustable tops, and using the 3mm top options. This way, hopefully, I'll be able to do most of my ride height tuning through the adjustable tops.
[Image: 004_zpsc3faee75.jpg]

As for the aluminum bits and pieces, I'll be running Overdose damper caps.
[Image: 005_zps0e885393.jpg]

Unfortunately I felt a bit lazy today, so I didn't really take any pics of build process. The dampers are really nice though, I like the valve guide/o-ring setup, I can't wait to see if it works as good as it looks like it will ^^;;
[Image: 007_zps72d94271.jpg]

The dampers turned out great. They are SUPER smooth, and come stock with titanium shafts. I'd say the hype is real so far, these really are the smoothest dampers I've made. Time will tell if they are just as good driving, but I don't see why they won't be.
[Image: 008_zps7c039fe9.jpg]

With that, I installed the dampers, some temporary wheels and tires, and basically turned my FR-D into a roller. Everything came together rather well, wouldn't you say so?
[Image: 009_zpsd218c01b.jpg]

I have to play with the rear still. It seems a bit stiff. I'm going to move the rear dampers to the front to troubleshoot, but it'll get sorted quick... BTW the adjustment nuts on the dampers are RC926 TRF colour change parts.
[Image: 010_zpsdeb38cd8.jpg]

The front is as soft and smooth as it gets. I had these soft springs on the back at first, but as I said it felt a bit stiff... so I swapped the springs around troubleshooting. I'll figure it out later.
[Image: 011_zpsc4dd97b9.jpg]

Here's the angle I have so far. I'll be reducing it slightly using some knuckle stops. All those pictures of 90* steering angle are basically useless... you really don't need that much angle for rwd as you'll just end up crab walking, or having a pretty slow RWD drifter. Sometimes less is more ^^
[Image: 012_zpsff96ab64.jpg]

Another angle of the front steering angle. These are +10 offset wheels, I'll be running some trimmed +3 wheels for my base test though... going to play around with a low scrub radius, and work my way out if need be.
[Image: 013_zps4be1fc69.jpg]

Anyways... that basically sums up the build so far. Here are some random lazy shots I took after I was done.
[Image: 014_zpsa77fdaa2.jpg]
[Image: 015_zps0c8f6143.jpg]
[Image: 016_zps0a37dfbb.jpg]
[Image: 017_zps1c655f03.jpg]
[Image: 018_zps66b27fbe.jpg]

MGD helped me get through the build haha v^o^;;
[Image: 019_zpsb5bd49ca.jpg]

Yokomo Type-C - RWD
Wrap-Up Next FR-D - RWD
Just WoW!

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Who says Yokomo?
WOW is right! Looks so sexy all black.
[Image: 4028172207455215s.jpg]
Overdose Drift Package RWD
CER D08 Premium RWD
Yokomo DRB Overdose RWD
Ce-RX type R White Wolf RWD
Looking Awesome!
This build is beautiful!! I really need to finish off my FR-D with some more bling.. =)
Very nice
The rear will be stiff due to the VX arms (BAGI suspension), I run 20WT oil and Super Soft / Medium rear springs - a bit of droop and fairly stiff rear end.
Thanks everyone! I'm quite happy with how it's coming together so far.

Yea, I knew the suspension would be a fair bit stiffer, but I am running a custom damper setup with modded pistons, so it was stiffer than it should have been. I felt the rebound was alright after the initial build up, but I was wrong. After a quick rebuild of the rear dampers, I fixed the problem and have a much softer rear end :)

And sorry for the lack of updates. I have had all the parts to finish it off for a short while now, I just haven't found the time to sit down with it and get it done. ~_~;;

Yokomo Type-C - RWD
Wrap-Up Next FR-D - RWD
Here's a picture of the electronics I'll be running.
I'm hoping to install everything and get it up and running over the weekend - realistically I'll probably have it up and running by next weekend...
[Image: 001_zpsb073bd8e.jpg]

Motor: Yokomo R Worlds 17.5 Turn - I went with this because it's black and 17.5t LOL
ESC: Acuvance Tachyon Aria HKB (Hologram Black) - I love the Aria in my Drift Package, so it was a no brainer going with another Aria for the FR-D
Servo: Sanwa SRG-BL - I don't think you need a fast servo for RWD, so I went with an older and slightly slower model from Sanwa
Receiver: Sanwa RX-461 - It was all RC Mart had in stock when I was looking to buy.

Not pictured is my Gyro, which will hopefully arrive tomorrow. I went with the new Sanwa Drift Gyro.

BTW, for anyone looking to buy a Sanwa Receiver, RC Mart has some of the best prices for them. Pretty much half priced compared to Japanese sites ^^;;

Yokomo Type-C - RWD
Wrap-Up Next FR-D - RWD

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