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Genki's FR-D Ver. 2
hi genki,would you do me a favor...I could use the measure of the pin that goes in the upper arm WUN .. I am attaching a photo to make me understand better ..thanks [Image: 10hoodt.jpg]
[Image: sem9gp.jpg]
[Image: 93915974f3acf590fc7651e4f0281d91.jpg][Image: 515c5f131f4ae6bbf9784aae8e2121f6.jpg][Image: f4f8936e6e9d6c64668411e9ebc1842c.jpg][Image: c80ca99026290a8c03092d3d4d22a91b.jpg]

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Sick build bro! I'm currently building a frd v3. Was wondering if you were using the the vx 2.5 rear suspension?
Nvm^ I got it
Hi Genki, any updates lately?

I've been looking greatly on a FR-D but they are lately sold out, so aquired myself a TT02 FR-D instead.

A local dude is having a 1.0 for sale - Danish valuta to Dollars is $705.77 - is that price high compared to what you have paid over time, though ofc your's is heavy customized - Just paid $535 for my Dib v2 with 2 cs gear with it so digging out that amount for a RWD is more me asking: Is it worth the high price and would it give me joy? :D

List of parts it has:
WUN FR-D v1.0 Conversion
WUN Front Y-arms
WUN VX Rear Suspension Arms
Overdose Gearcase
Overdose Front Shock Tower
Overdose Rear Shock Tower
Overdose Front Upper Arms
Overdose Rear Gearcase Mount
Overdose Battery Holder
Overdose Servo Saver
Overdose Bumper Support
Overdose Spring Ends
Overdose DRB Axle Shafts
Overdose Drive Cup
Yokomo Damper Set
Yokomo Ball Diff
Yokomo Shock Cap Ball
Yokomo Rear Suspension Mount Rear
Yokomo Front Suspension Mount Rear
Yokomo Rear Suspension Mount Front
Yokomo Team Suzuki Steering Wipers
RC926 Main Drive Shaft
MST XXX-D VIP - CS 2.0 - Main


MST RMX-S 2.0 - RWD - Secondary

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