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Greetings from Russia
Hello everyone, I have long been sitting on the forum and constantly watch over your works, well and decided to share his. I do photography and decided to just take a picture of your body will get bored and decided to make a diorama for it. Sorry for the Google translator, a lot of thought and it is difficult to express them.
[Image: OJdl_C30jug.jpg]
[Image: _36PfGnLoQ8.jpg]
[Image: hgr6HcTUmHI.jpg]
[Image: yhmwVatruJE.jpg]
[Image: jENPgki_PU0.jpg]
[Image: 0vfVMvF_qOU.jpg]
[Image: J1Dq21reG3A.jpg]
[Image: pBUjX9uZnXg.jpg]
[Image: HEj-CO6sWaQ.jpg]
[Image: MylWBnuL2qA.jpg]

[Image: 3sYI9rss-S8.jpg]
[Image: NIx8pPufoYM.jpg]
[Image: 3uSYXnGih04.jpg]
[Image: 2v5DMCO8eqA.jpg]
[Image: trjU7MklmZ4.jpg]
[Image: 2dR0LQywkGQ.jpg]
[Image: wVghCjgx3AY.jpg]
[Image: tiBlgGm3_zk.jpg]
[Image: hqOOOpqij0U.jpg]
[Image: Ow04aQq15wA.jpg]

The work is not completed yet and still looks so
[Image: XrLF-9z6e0E.jpg]
[Image: gtdVzp3For0.jpg]

started working through the greens
[Image: iGCCBcq9RqU.jpg]
[Image: 5t9_3IfG7bE.jpg]
[Image: N-HmC6ZJTaw.jpg]
great work , you have alot of talent . you should try your hand at doing engine bays . if you haven't already . maybe even think about selling dioramas
I was thinking about selling dioramas, that's just who needs it? But what about the engine, I think can try

oh I forgot the main thing
[Image: xmUawNgeNHM.jpg]
Here is the original
You have awesome skills.
very good job
thank you very much
OMG sooooo dope! great work!
WOW this is amazing
Keep Drifting Fun
[Image: 9121590828_f56a93fe31_o.jpg]
So much detail, insane job looks very nice
[Image: 405149244.jpg]

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