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GT3 RS drifting
Still in the works of completing as I have some HPI wheels on backordered. I have lights en route and some other bits to install for that detailed look.

Here's the progress thus far. Video at the bottom.

[Image: mbQTRqK.jpg]

[Image: 4bflIFJ.jpg]

[Image: k7cr3Cx.jpg]

These are the wheels. 36mm rears and awaiting 26mm fronts
[Image: AXraxcE.jpg]

[Image: as0GVTV.jpg]

[Image: o7sybLi.jpg]

Tow hook rear

[Image: fp7HzuU.jpg]

Front Tow hook - bit botched on my part :(

[Image: pElBQcM.jpg]

Not the final setup for wheels. Just had some from my R35 build with Raikou drift tires.

[Image: ykJG9Dx.jpg]

[Image: DFLkH26.jpg]

Looks like I need more practise LOL :dance:

My R35 has MOAR LOW, but I finally got the wheels I've been waiting for. Since I run outside considering we have little to no indoor tracks that cater towards drifting, let alone on-road. I have to keep the bodies up a bit. Ikea parking lots are the closest I have to a smooth surface.

[Image: 0yYz1UA.jpg]

[Image: SO7nJif.jpg]

I've since added some lighting to this and Damn..
That thing looks dope! Too bad you don't have some real smooth surface to run on so you could drop it a lil more but it still looks great at that height
[Image: 017c3ad6-f4d2-4efe-b892-651f90a5a852_zpse241be08.jpg]
I like the design of that shell vs the Tamiya but the Tamiya has better decals and detail. If only there was a good inbetween. I dig the colour on that though :)
[Image: 9123805157_8fe7c0d400_n.jpg]
HPI Sprint 2 Drift / mid motor drift weapon
MST FS-01D / new work in progress
very nice
Keep Drifting Fun
[Image: 9121590828_f56a93fe31_o.jpg]
Thanks guys.. I need another drift chassis now though. I have all these other sets of wheels that don't fit as well as the HPI setup on this chassis. I'll be doing a Sakura D3 with my R35 body I painted with the green wheels.
totally cool body love the red detail at the grill .r&d japan ( race and drift japan .com ) recently had the blade racing aluminium tow hooks in stock that will work in the slots you already cut . if you are unhappy with yours . I also tried electrical connectors , but wasn't happy with the look . you can't bend the blade hooks though they will break .

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