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GT86 Roll call
joshb_18I still have to do a few more things to it but I feel like it turned out alright for my first body.  

I like the color combo with your wheels!!
[Image: scionfrs_zpsda2818c1.jpeg]
One I'm building for my girl. [Image: ahyrazyt.jpg]

[WHITE MEDIUM STAR]️DementeD[WHITE MEDIUM STAR]️!llus!onz[WHITE MEDIUM STAR]️ Because its for the love of anything custom
Top Secret Hobbies Rocket Bunny

[Image: 119b6lj.jpg]

[Image: 5zmz9.jpg]

[Image: ws1dok.jpg]

[Image: i4h8n6.jpg]
[Image: 4tQLqoQ.jpg][Image: 03PZbV7.jpg]
[Image: ScqDrUd.jpg]
[Image: LGxZJhF.jpg]
Nice choice in color and the blue wheels go well with the blue cage. Nicely Done.
Top Secret 86.

[Image: 23semi1.jpg]

[Image: 6e3u44.jpg]
Here's my GT 86 guys.  

[Image: DSC_0455_zps2263eb24.jpg]

[Image: DSC_0364_zpsad3cf5ca.jpg]

Will post another one up once I finish my V1 Rocket Bunny kit.  But could be a wait as I messed up on smoking the windows and had to black them out. Not sure/happy about the look for now.
And here is mine
[Image: gt8601.jpg~original]
[Image: gt8605.jpg~original]
[Image: gt8600.jpg~original]
[Image: DSC_0846.jpg][/URL][/img][Image: DSC_0843.jpg][/URL][/img][Image: DSC_0856.jpg][/URL][/img][Image: DSC_0879.jpg][/URL][/img][Image: DSC_0894.jpg][/URL][/img]Just sharing #Dlike #ft86
#Rocketbunny #Trakyoto

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