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GT86 Roll call
(10-21-2013, 07:11 PM)nismobao Wrote:  Might as well post the first Addiction Rocket Bunny on this thread. Enjoy!

[Image: 1102544_580887071949515_288622463_o.jpg]

[Image: 1094043_580622821975940_2078116538_o.jpg]

[Image: 735598_10151768771189356_1837458866_o.jpg]

[Image: 1264037_10151801940769356_1929298506_o.jpg]

There's just something about the red and white combo that makes these bodies look so sexy!
[Image: bc276304-7f08-4025-b335-bd41c864c078_zps5043df43.jpg]
Two 86's of different persuations!

.jpg   1395438_459322020850560_1957210769_n.jpg (Size: 97.05 KB / Downloads: 64)
.jpg   The HKS GT86.jpg (Size: 93.24 KB / Downloads: 62)

.jpg   The Greddy:Trust Racing GT86 Rocket Bunny.jpg (Size: 70.81 KB / Downloads: 71)
.jpg   1374830_459305960852166_621546224_n.jpg (Size: 68.83 KB / Downloads: 69)
My Take on the JZX WELD if they ever used an FRS Chassis!

[Image: 1394302_471520492962868_1704540035_n.jpg]

My Flying GT86 and Sahara Rocket Bunny

[Image: 012yte.jpg]
[Image: 008yp.jpg]
[Image: 004cdk.jpg]
[Image: 001ntko.jpg]
[Image: image.jpeg]
Here is my FRS/TT01E/D that I put together out of spare parts. This is actually my basher drift car so it takes a lot of abuse. Thats why the extra large body holes in the hood, so it wont crack from being banged around, it gives the body a bit of room to absorb shocks.

Attached Files
.jpg   IMG_0728.JPG (Size: 24.55 KB / Downloads: 38)
my shells, inspired by these gen1 seekers:

[Image: MTWmQ7T.jpg]

[Image: Lmnoxmj.jpg]

from the Sacramento International Auto Show 2013 w/ OneTen Drift Network and Tengu Drift Club
Not build by myself but bought it from Dave And added a little twist to it.

[Image: 2013_11_27_23_35.jpg]
[Image: 2013_12_13_23_%2525207.png]
here is the gt86 i made.
[Image: IMG_8618_zpsf2466826.jpg]
[Image: klein_zps220f616e.jpg]
thought i d post my gt86 too as its almost done looks wise with the integration of the mst calipers today.

Not very clean as its my first body since i started and the only one i have too so its what i learned on and currently using.

Hope you guys like it

[Image: DSC_1638_zpsa8372c0f.jpg]
[Image: DSC_1641_zpsd104240f.jpg]
[Image: DSC_1643_zps4d6efc93.jpg]
[Image: DSC_1653_zpsab434fc7.jpg]
[Image: DSC_1654_zps00530ac7.jpg]
[Image: DSC_1655_zps3e7e4c00.jpg]
CSed tt-01
[Image: Untitled4_zps584e280c.png]

.jpg   1502663_10202922924382084_2077056018_o.jpg (Size: 172.13 KB / Downloads: 113)
.jpg   1511589_10202922924742093_2076060132_o.jpg (Size: 248.46 KB / Downloads: 105)
.jpg   1529888_10202922924502087_1217260092_o.jpg (Size: 184.46 KB / Downloads: 99)

my FT86 ;-)

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