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gtr inner bumper
so I got bored and I know this is not exzactly 1.1 scale inner body bumper of a r32 gtr skyline but I think it looks pretty cool and haven't seen one unless its a silvia or 180/240 so here ya go hope you like and is welcome as im a perfectionist.... its all scratch built and making it were stock outter bumper can be fitted back to body just wanted to chop something up... inner bumper parts are made from rubber made draw tub. from old cubby draw for rc parts I had laying around sorry if its no replica maybe make a new one once I get some refrence pics if I can find any also no build thred kinda just flew threw it while whatching kei to the city by mighty car mods I got inspired well hope you like [img][Image: 100_12561_zpsd2cde286.jpg][/img][img][Image: 100_12521_zps3399357a.jpg][/img][img][Image: 100_12501_zps1b20d3b4.jpg][/img][img][Image: 100_12541_zpsd9bb2304.jpg][/img]
That's nice ! :)
(12-07-2014, 04:16 AM)Soshi  SC Wrote:  That's nice ! :)

ty thow ive made a new and slightly improved inner bumper now guess first one was more of mock up/fit my eye preference so made new one since off for weekend will post pics later
Ok nice, impatient to see this, but how do you make this one ? I've a Tamiya R32 and i've no rear bumper for it, but it's too ugly :/
(12-08-2014, 04:39 AM)Soshi  SC Wrote:  Ok nice, impatient to see this, but how do you make this one ? I've a Tamiya R32 and i've no rear bumper for it, but it's too ugly :/

i been looking around for pics of r32 with no bumpers haven't found any but one and the whole car was striped so as for now I just kinda been playing around with what I have most of it is just scratch built outta a plastic I had lying around but the new bumper is much cleaner and better looking than the old one pics up soon this one looks a lil better makes it look fuller and planning to make it were the original bumper will fit back on..
so heres the new bumper made same way a lil cleaner did make it bent in the middle to look like another drifter ran under the inner bumer so it has a slight bend in middle made a tow strap will make outter bumper to fit soon once I have time possible next up coming week as ill be off of work for about 2 weeks for Christmas in a week from this weds so yay...anyway hers the pics hope you enjoy[img][Image: 100_12651_zpsf32f1730.jpg][/img][img][Image: 100_12621_zps1c947ae2.jpg][/img][img][Image: 100_12691_zps4e350070.jpg][/img][img][Image: 100_12681_zps434c8c29.jpg][/img][img][Image: 100_12661_zps5a784edd.jpg][/img][img][Image: 100_12671_zps8b26073a.jpg][/img]
Yea man, thats cool az! good job.
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Tamiya TT01-E BOK SPEC CS1.76
(12-08-2014, 04:01 PM)wandalkombat Wrote:  Yea man, thats cool az! good job.

thanks bud shoulda snaped some build thread shots but I got inpatient lol but turned out decent I think as I haven't seen to many inner bodys pieces on a skyline thanks for the kind words
this needs a diy looks cool i need this on my missile car lol
(12-21-2014, 12:37 PM)ProjectD831 Wrote:  this needs a diy looks cool i need this on my missile car lol

I will try and make diy when I can get ssome time on weekend when not at work will def do that ^^
rc isn't a hobby...its an addiction and im a addict lol..... Sick

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