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Gyro/servo/handset compatibility issues
Hi all, new to the RWd drift thing, having issues with gyro and servo compatibility. The gyro constantly wants to reset itself. It’s smooth aslong as I steer slowly, but as soon as I give it full lock the gyro starts flashing and it stays locked until I completely stop and give it 10 seconds to reset. This also happens if I tap anything or get any bump mid drift. I’m having the issue with both oniski and slideology gyros . I’m using OMG Lp-cm07s servo, omg 120a esc, and a flysky gt3b handset. Have dialled the gyro in as much as I can without it trying to reset. Have also tried analogue servo which worked for about ten mins but caused over exaggerated wheel chatter rolling and static until the servo overheated and gave up , again with gyro dialled handset turned right down etc . I’ve heard the best option is too go and buy a sanwa mt4 or similar... is this actually gunna make it work though? 
The Sanwa controllers are so much better that it's unbelievable how much difference a controller can make. Someone did explain to me about the frequency and how it improves comms between Rx and Tx.

All the electrics you have sound good, all expect the FlySky; good to start out with. Move onto a MX-V by Sanwa or if you can stretch, got for a MT-4, MT-4s or MT-44
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