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H0LESH0T's D-Like Re-R
Picked up a new project to get back into drifting.

Decided to get a D-Like Re-R Hybrid. Was either going to be this or an Overdose Divall.

Chassis - D-Like Re-R
ESC - Tekin RSX
Motor - REDS Racing 10.5T
Radio - Spektrum
Servo - Spektrum S6040
Battery - SMC Shorty
Body - Pandora NSX
Wheels - Speedline 2.2" LX 10-Spoke
Tires - Speedline 2.2" CR1

Some of the setup above will change later on.

Hoping to get some better photos and action shots up this weekend when I take it out for its 1st outgoing.

[Image: 2qleszq.jpg]

Next couple of posts are the build of it.
[Image: 14sjymw.jpg]

Each step of the build was in its own bag.

[Image: 23s6u83.jpg]

I like the wording at the top of the page. When I bought the Vacula I had to download a copy of the manual to build it. Not sure if all Vacula's were like that or I was just unlucky to not get a manual. Was nice that the kit included some sweet turnbuckle wrenches as well as a decal sheet.

[Image: 2qklel0.jpg]
1st step I did was seal the chassis and then put a sticker bomb chassis protector on the bottom.

[Image: 4ruf0n.jpg]

Then it was into the build. The build was pretty straight forward and really enjoyed building it.

[Image: 2ahz6v5.jpg]

[Image: wbv1b7.jpg]

[Image: 302sxah.jpg]

[Image: 64o7lh.jpg]

[Image: 2po8d1w.jpg]

[Image: 6gv5s6.jpg]
Next was the Front Drivetain. A lot of people run these as RWD. Will be running mine as AWD for now and maybe change down the track.

[Image: 14c8biq.jpg]

[Image: j64c92.jpg]

[Image: 2e1gbuu.jpg]

[Image: j93j3c.jpg]

[Image: 317b3g3.jpg]

[Image: 2en53qd.jpg]

[Image: 333v4og.jpg]

[Image: og06lw.jpg]

[Image: etil52.jpg]

[Image: 687y9i.jpg]

[Image: bgd3sz.jpg]
[Image: 15fkpif.jpg]

[Image: 2psr69z.jpg]

[Image: 1562vc3.jpg]

[Image: 2zoxjso.jpg]

[Image: k02c0n.jpg]

[Image: 2i0zn2a.jpg]

[Image: 25qdx7a.jpg]

[Image: 2uz4idf.jpg]

[Image: aad3pz.jpg]

[Image: 2vmdg5d.jpg]
[Image: snz02u.jpg]

[Image: v5x4lj.jpg]

[Image: 140avwp.jpg]

[Image: 2czzqxt.jpg]

[Image: 2i6hx5w.jpg]

[Image: 14xnmmc.jpg]
Onto the Shocks next. The kit came with #350 shock oil.

[Image: 35b58jr.jpg]

[Image: hsjr7a.jpg]

[Image: jt6h6p.jpg]

[Image: 2d9pule.jpg]

[Image: 2edqopk.jpg]

[Image: 9jm7n8.jpg]

[Image: 29j1xt.jpg]

[Image: 2mc7xhg.jpg]

[Image: 21omfc.jpg]
[Image: 21l96x4.jpg]

[Image: 2qib41c.jpg]

[Image: 10prsav.jpg]

[Image: 2lu9ego.jpg]

[Image: 105umap.jpg]

[Image: veaxbp.jpg]
I really want one of these! Too bad those disk brakes are plastic, throws off the look.
haha they just need some fancy weathering paintwork, knock off some of that chrome shine

sweet chassis "hybrid" design, now tempted to look into it further .....nooooooo....arrgh
[Image: MRCsig.gif]

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