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Hammy's Garage.
Tamiya e30

[Image: null-35.jpg]
[Image: null-31.jpg]

Tamiya R34

[Image: 0BFD6D3C-A8FF-499E-899C-028F53A0DD46-354...4e78a7.jpg]
[Image: F917D2A1-FE2E-4586-B1A0-6E39E59A08A5.jpg]

[Image: 28BCA0A8-084F-4B35-B384-A2E4A2EE581E.jpg]

[Image: E887B98C-170B-4F1C-A959-81917D5E7B8C.jpg]
[Image: D83C2FB0-29A8-452B-9A69-D6CF1473EE7E-198...3c90df.jpg]

[Image: null_zps2c47e1f4.jpg]

[Image: null_zps5f423b08.jpg]

[Image: 4DCDB0F3-E656-4F81-8111-A488115F157B.jpg]
[Image: null_zps961e13a2.jpg]
[Image: 35D2CA5B-B62D-4382-B083-49FC4D148324-163...6e7feb.jpg]


Comments welcome!

New shell on the way. Pandora 22b tetsujin lighting kit :)
[Image: BDF2D294-D547-4517-BA12-C75D0838D0FF-240...41115d.jpg]

[Image: 5EA973B8-4065-4307-A2E8-2B9C8C0492FC-240...d5a26f.jpg]

[Image: C912E315-A7F8-404A-9C80-411FE810A64F.jpg]

Hpi focus (not mine) on my display chassis.

[Image: 5079B21A-60B3-48E2-B4AC-A67DDC768492.jpg]

My drift setup. Ply lined box with chassis tools spares etc

[Image: 9F0BB181-4499-4FF1-9AA7-71D45CDD8DF6.jpg]

[Image: 33E180C1-0A3F-422C-9130-1AC0B7F77E65-196...a5e0d7.jpg]

Before first use!

[Image: null-8.jpg]

Where it all began!

[Image: null-1.jpg]
I love seeing your progression! you have improved so much since that S15 and even that looks really good imo. Your GTR is perfect, and your Brat is fantastic. Is your brat the Tamiya high lift? I think I came across that body in a kit before, I do not remember the kit though. It was a deal and seeing yours reminds me of it and that I should have bought it, but I think it was used so probably had a painted smashed up body lol.
Nice cars

No it's not the high lift it's a re released Brat but with a front shock conversion.

Great fun in the dust and looks good towing the drifter but the paint was done by the previous owner in the wrong paint and it's flaking off :(
I need to strip it so I can redo it properly.
[Image: C1BB8967-5BFF-4A2B-85A7-7A0E6FE69DE5-195...e6cdbe.jpg]

Got a parcel today.

Just waiting on my new shell to arrive!
Wow, great pic's! Keep it going! ;)
This arrived this morning.

[Image: 51038D8E-FCD5-4229-B23A-BC5DD244970A.jpg]
is it pandora?
Yes mate pandora

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