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Hammy's Garage.
[Image: C0D4FEFD-E1AC-4C21-ABCE-D95DC8697DDB-227...d66ba0.jpg]
[Image: 32A3DC6E-F31E-4CD5-87C7-991EB6D8173A-227...ca6e1d.jpg]

[Image: 0FF67114-4175-4317-BA79-3BC49952B539-227...5b91e1.jpg]

Tetsujin lights next
Looks good!
[Image: RGFactoryTeam_zps708bc482.png] <--- Click here!! [Image: bluedomokundance.gif]
Your Brat Looks Kool, How Old is that thing
It's not an original but a re re. But still a few years! I got it 2nd hand and the previous has painted it with TS paint and it's flaking. I need to strip it and re do!

[Image: 93497BCD-8BCD-49E6-8B67-E888D753CAB3-379...6a7bfe.jpg]

[Image: 1E6B4DBF-414F-4F75-9BB1-31C32F12D962-379...4e0dcd.jpg]

[Image: null_zps2f612f44.jpg]
Few more pics

[Image: A4DD86A2-1ABD-4F15-AEBD-66E17F2819F1.jpg]

[Image: 03ED9A3A-F638-4AB0-A5DC-3F0E109A4E89.jpg]

[Image: 37CA9ABC-E8F9-4A24-8BE8-DBE0C6D6B8FF.jpg]

[Image: F4FF824E-BA5A-40F8-8E88-5B376D86649C.jpg]

[Image: C426B9AB-9896-4C48-9DCE-B01A2ED58A2C.jpg]

I need a bigger garage!!

[Image: ED06A057-2146-4098-BF24-6BB67DE8592E.jpg]
[Image: 52D7AA52-C420-4FC5-8E09-9066151899B9.jpg][Image: 3EA1369E-D474-40AC-97F1-5441F461736C.jpg][Image: 6716AFB9-D673-41F2-8796-96502DFD5C32.jpg][Image: 79F246BA-EB4D-4CE0-91DF-FBB83CBA1DAA.jpg]
[Image: 5296587F-8A37-4041-B511-7AB05568E6A0.jpg]

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