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Have You Used Gens ace 5000mah 29# Lipo for You Drift Cars?
Agreed on the too much power. more power is actually your milliamps. A higher C rating means that you have a larger "tank" of power. Ie the burst on a lipo is for when you throttle up hard. It will be able to deliver let's say for instance on my gens ace the burst is 120 versus 50 . So the battery is able to burst 120 amps of power for a very short period of time. Do this for too long and youll puff a battery. So in short the higher c rating allows your power to be sufficent enough for bursts that would otherwise cut out your esc etc as your voltage would drop during acceleration.Too much power is not always a good thing. Spin on any wheel says your losing power directly as you are not sticking to the road.( touring not drifting obviously) I can't count how many guys buy their cars and add a huge brushless system and wonder why they break their rims and can't control there slides. The drift is about graceful shifts and almost a Zen like zone of understanding your car and having the driving skills to control it. On any setup it's not what's in it . It's how effectively it's been setup. A 50 C 2S lipo at 5000mah is perfect for cars.

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(07-06-2017, 07:56 AM)BCTT02 Wrote:  Um do you guys understand what a C (capacity) is? It surely doesn't have any thing to do with grip..... it's amps under load , so a higher C rating will give you a larger burst capacity and more even distribution of power under load

BCTT02, Did you actually read what the other guy wrote???

A higher C rating allowed for better burst power to be delivered, and then he talks about which places to use power from the ESC on what surface.

We both know what C rating is - No the increased weight or higher C rating doesn't equal to grip , but that's where our experince comes in and we share that a lower C rating would help other on tracks with low grip, since the power delivery is not as strong and easier for a newbie.

Quote: More even distribution of power under load
It depends upon the car, traction and setup mate - A higher C rating may introduce more wheelspin for the less experinced driver

But here is something to wrap your mind with, if i have a battery that has 110C - It should deliver 480A of power into the ESC - The size of the wires that goes from ESC to the battery are like Gauge 14-16 on most cars - The whole C rating is false since if you would have to send 480A through a cable, it should be as big as 1-2cm in diameter.
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Hey! way to rewrite everything I said buds...youre a forum superstar and your c rating has eff all to do with grip or your lack of ability to setup a car.... you literally retyped what I said verbatim and you still are confused about how grip has nothing to do with your battery or the c rating....but you guys keep giving expert advice buds! Youll get it buds, eat some fruit to help your brain absorb wtf you read. this sites lack of info is seriously disturbing as is yours. If you want less power use less throttle.... dropping the c in a battery is just fucking stupid for reasons that should be more than obvs. 50c minimum.

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I'm not even going to touch on that cable comment.....thats just supreme level of stupid. Nothing in a lipo is exact , we were giving examples and your wire gauge will affect ohms in electricity.
if you send 480amps to your car you'll have more than a few issues there to deal with.

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At least we know you know how to wire a car amp... But audio and resistance due to gauge are something you deal with after long long runs of cable 25 feet plus. Your esc wires are not effected by this at their length. But please I'm more interests to hear how you think a capacity rating effects grip ... it's hilarious.

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