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Hello from Canada
Hey! Welcome :)
(01-17-2014, 07:29 PM)Cultus Wrote:  
(01-17-2014, 02:53 PM)AzN 2NR Wrote:  Nice lol, I'm from Calgary home to Prodigy-D. So if your ever in town let us know

(01-17-2014, 06:24 PM)Piper Wrote:  Welcome to dm, I'm considering selling my VDF II it is hopped up a bit though not sure on an asking price. I'm located in Calgary let me know if your interested

Hey thanks guys, I usually get to Calgary once or twice a year. I'd love to check out Prodigy-D, where do you guys meet?

I have noticed your VDF II here, nice looking car. I would be interested in knowing some details on what you have done to it.

I put all the details here for what currently is on it. It has seen many different parts most of which are included with it, minus the active parts I pulled off of it for my TA-06 conversion.
FR-D v3.0
Active FR Rwd - Forsale
Welcome to DM!

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Hey thanks for the link, your car looks like a pretty good buy for that price, we did, however, find a couple new VDF II's for a pretty good deal. They showed up Tuesday, but waiting for a few more parts, hope to start the build soon!

Also been watching a few youtube videos of you guys running at the Scion dealership! Looks like a blast! You guys put on quite the event and its awesome the dealership lets you use the place like that. Hope to make it up for one later this year

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