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Hello from Europe
Hello everyone.
This is Bruno, a 30 y/o rc enthusiast from Lisbon, in Portugal.
I started rc drifting around 15 years ago, but only on 50/50 chassis.
Only recently I started paying attention to the rwd scene since I had the privilege of watching live the only existing group of portuguese people into rwd drifting.
Since I never payed much attention to counter-steer mods, my current project is a rwd conversion to a Thunder Tiger Sparrowhawk DX that I got for crazy cheap.
I'll upload pics of it at the correct place later, for now all I can say is that it features a rear mounted battery tray, weight ballance by massive chunk of alluminium and better steering angle.
For a while I've been building a carpet track with nice details at a garage, so I'll show it later too.

See you at my next post. ;)
Welcome to the Driftmission forum then.

Seems like your jumping straight out in the rwd, great fun and happy customization :)
MST XXX-D VIP - CS 2.0 - Main


MST RMX-S 2.0 - RWD - Secondary
Thanks, Woodsnail.
You are right, I am jumping straight into the rwd scene.
Fortunatly, I'm not 100% new to sliding rwd because I did used to race 2wd RC10 trucks on what was basically a very thin layer of mud at a local track.
The RC10 truck would slide like crazy until I finally got the hang of it, and this rwd DX I'm using behaves somewhat similar to that only on a much slower speed.

This is the DX chassis already converted (picture is 2 weeks old but I'll upload better soon)
[Image: 12189846_896899407045022_195309031443839...e=56B35579]

And this is the track layout I'm making (6.20m x 5.15m and a barrier to barrier distance of 1m)
[Image: 12193856_896902207044742_626858384758103...e=56C7067B]

More to come soon, check back for my next post. ;)
Hello Electro-Industrial and Welcome.
Thanks, Robster1992.

Unfortunatly due to my bad custom work, I ended up crashing the DX quite hard yesterday... the left side front end is crushed. ='(
The steering arm came loose when I was doing a high speed slide and since the track didn't have any wall protection yet, the car went straight into the wall.
I didn't take any pictures because I didn't have my camera charged at the time, but I'm pretty sure you guys have a good idea how a wreck looks like.
The total in parts to get it running again is 68€, way too much for such a cheap made chassis so I decided a early retirement for this one.

But luckly, not everything is bad news.
In the afternoon I headed to a friend's place that I remember having a kit chassis that she never ran before.
After some talk explaining what happen I managed to convince her to sell me the chassis, so now I have a new project I'll be posting in the WIP section. Devil

See you at my next post. ;)
Wassup.. welcome.   I remember I had a team associated tc4 and was running high speed on a make shift oval track. Was all excited I was running good and suddenly I hit the concrete curb and slammed the driver front suspension. So I eventually fix everything and tried rwd. I wasnt aware of the much needed steering yet but it wasnt the case in the next accident. I was ecstatic that my car was handling great with rubber gripping touring tires and started speeding up only to slam straight into the tennis net pole. I shattered the entire front suspension, all steering components and my servo. After those repairs, I got real good in controlling my rc. Parts weren't expensive, it was the time it took. But anyhow, good luck on your new chasss. Im rockin a d3 but will be buying a rwd chassis for Christmas that way I get exactly what I want. Haha..

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