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Hello from Quebec, Canada!
Hey guys,

first of all, I have to say I am a pretty big newb to rc drifting. Well I am new to the whole rc scene in general.
Just ordered my first chassis about a week ago, the R31-16fm and I can't wait to get started building this beast and start drifting.

My story with drifting is still fairly new too. It all started a while back, when the original xbox was still considered "new" and games like need for speed were the sh*t. I can still remember playing NFS carbon with one of my friend and attempting to drift for my first time. I really liked it but At that time I was quite young so I couldn't afford much to keep the hobby alive.

A year and a half ago I bought a ps3 (I know, I'm late) and started getting really into drifting on gran turismo 5. In fact, drifting was the only thing I did in the game. After countless hours playing I taught of getting a steering wheel but I had to let go this idea because of lack of space to put it/ store it.

That's when I found out about the whole rc drifting scene/industry and it really got me inspired to get myself a kit. As expected, I am still learning about motors, esc, servos, batteries, radios, etc.

My objective with this forum is to inform myself about parts and setup so I don't spend my money on stupid, impulsive buys and I also want to keep track of my project.

As mentioned earlier, I bought myself a eagle racing r31-16fm as my first chassis and I can't wait to get started. I will keep you guys informed when it arrives and I will start a new build thread.

Cheers from Quebec!
Welcome to dm, what are going with for electronics?
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I haven't made my order yet but I was thinking of getting the Hobby Wing Waterproof 80A Brushless System ESC w/ Yeah Racing Sensored 10.5T Motor kit from rcmart. For the servo, I think I will get the SAVOX Low Profile High Speed Metal Gear Digital Servo from rcmart again.


I don't want to end up having to re-buy some components because of poor quality so that's why I'm getting middle-end gear. What do you guys think of this future set-up?
Welcome.. this forum is a great place to learn from. I find myself on here all the time. People are great and open to help. I think you got a great 1st project. Ive spent a lot of money on cheap chassis and and wish i would have made a few decisions a bit different. But everyone learns differently.

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Thank you for the support, I am a little lost from all the parts I need to get to start drifting and hope to find inspiration from this forum since I have little to no experience with this hobby.
Welcome to DM

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Welcome to DM :) Which city are you in ? I'm ordering my first drift chassis soon. I know it's going to be an Eagle one but now i'm unsure about which one...

I'm always eager to read more about Eagle chassis, hope to read your impressions soon :)
Welcome to dm.
BTW I play NFS World.
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Thanks, im in the outaouais region

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