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Hello from yet another newbie
Hi folks ,

Thought I'd follow on the heels of other new members and introduce myself. Am very new to drifting ( I know what it is but was never really into it) and also new to rc drifting although not new to RC. I'm returning to RC after +30yrs by purchasing a 2wd Traxxas Slash. To give you an idea of how long ago I've been away from the last RC was a Tyco Turbo Jet Hopper (which I recently discovered was still around had when my folks cleared out their loft!!!).

So why drift rc? Well, like the reason for buying the Slash, I wanted to get into it after seeing many many YouTube videos. I didn't go down the 'standard' route (if there is such a thing) when I picked out my initial drift car. I wanted something cheap that I could find easy to use and also, I purchased a 4wd brushed Banzai FTX S15 second hand (got it for less than half price of a new one). Came with everything and was in good nick apart - so well pleased with that.

I don't have any tracks near me so though I would like to take it round a track I want to get into the body modding side of things until I find a decent place to run it. Also I've recently gone brushless in my Slash so at some point I would like to upgrade the stuff in the FTX S15 too.

I'll populate my profile and upload some pics as and when the build gets started. In the mean time please be patient if I keep asking questions - I know nothing about all of this hahahahaha.

Cheer's all
PS, if anyone is from the UK pls say hi as it seems that the majority of folks on the forums and sites I've been on are from the other side of the pond
Welcome to DM Forum. Best not to go all out on 1st drift kit anyway to make sure it is a class you will enjoy. A lot of people see all the videos etc. and go all out only to discover it's not something for them. Can't wait to see pics and progress of your build.

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