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Hello, Newbie from Vancouver BC
Hello everyone,

Newbie from Vancouver BC.

First time with RC drifting and trying to learn with a 1:28 scale drift car to see how much I enjoy it before putting down any extra money.  Figured it was a good entry as it shares all of its parts with the chassis that we are using for 1:28 RCP racing (everything except diffs and tires) so its a good way of getting into it.

So far I've been doing all of drifting indoors on a carpet track at the moment with barriers both removed and added trying to get a better feel for drifting (removed trying figure 8's etc...).  Having a good time, but definitely harder than it looks (at least for me.)

I found this forum while trying to learn more about one-way diffs, cs ratios and such as I was curious as to what they did / how they affected things.  No plans to make changes to the stock setup, want to get a good feel for it and take it as far as I can after which I may start to mess with existing settings 1 at a time to see how it changes things.

Basic Setup
  • AWD
  • Locked front diff
  • Locked rear diff
  • Hard drift tires
Welcome to DM  B)
Hello, bradr.

If you want to learn more about 1/28 drifting you should check out my YouTube channel. I make videos for micro drift with 2 chassis, WLtoys and Mini-Q Q7.

Here's playlist for Mini-Q Q7. Breaking down from review of the car to what part do what thing. From front one way to CS.

And this is for WLtoys.
Thanks, I had already found your channel actually and watched a bunch of the videos, very helpful for some of the things that can be done.

I'm very new to this and for now, I've been trying it out, making a change and trying it out to see what I like and how it changes its behavior. Some things will "appear" better I'm sure just because they are easier. I'm also trying to stay within a budget so things like changing the CS ratio or using a one way diff are really outside of the budget at this time because I don't know if I will like it after spending the money on it.

The top things that I have found helpful so far were moving the servo arm one spot up on the servo horn to get full lock to lock steering (can't do more without hitting the shocks), lowering the tooth count on the motor and increasing the wheelbase by changing the rear pinion. Other than that, its just been time and practice that's been helping.

The only real frustration I've had was getting the plastic pinion on the motor straight. I put one on mine, my friend put one on his and neither went on straight.
Some cheap plastic gears are just poorly made and the hole isn't straight at the first place. It's still weird to get both out of centre though.

I guess you have the WLtoys. Don't put too much money on it. Keep it 50:50 and get familiarize with it first.
Increasing wheelbase will make it harder to turn. One other thing that might help is rear toe. As standard it has too much toe in so you might want to mod the arm. In tutorial I used M1.5, that proved to be not so strong after some crashes. Try using M2 bolt instead.
Hello everyone

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