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hello old timer drifting
TA05 is still good for 50:50 or mild countersteer... hey you're just after sone fun, not keeping up with a drift posse, right? Should work fine, long as car has been built correctly & runs well.

It's not worth converting TA05 to RWD as newer dedicated RWD designs are too different in layout for weight balance, cheaper to get new chassis. But RWD is tricky, relies on surface vs tyre grip so it needs to be retuned for each & every area you run - not just throw it down anywhere & you can play immediately.

BiTD there were many different mod chassis sets for TA05 that convert it to a VDF lookalike, from companies like Eagle & Fijon. VDF layout was great IMHO...! :D
[Image: MRCsig.gif]

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