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Help choosing chassis for a beginner.
Hi, I'm new to the drift.
I have an offer a chassis mst fmx with gyro mst lsd2 with little use for the same price as a new chassis kit mst rmx 2.0 S. Which should I choose?
I have experience in assembling rc kits.
If I stay the fmx I should buy a short lipo battery, if I stay the rmx I should buy a cheap gyro. Thank you very much for the help. Best regards.
nobody can help me?
Hello there.

Do not buy a cheap gyro because you will eventually be wanting a better one and regretting not going for something better.
You don't have to buy everything at once , save up and buy something good.
I would try to think of a method to calculate depreciation on the offered car and understand why this person wants to sell it and if the price is fair or not.
Then consider the pros and cons of both choices.
Calculate it in currency and how much work you need to put into both projects whichever you would choose.
Don't rush decisions.
Best of luck.
I personally went for a Sakura D4 and spent my money on better electronics.
Why ?
Because I found a video of a guy that has both the Sakura RWD D4 and RMX 2.0 and read his comments and he recommends the D4.
The D4 needs to be modified though.
I bought a bunch of mods with my D4 so can't judge until I try it out , thats after I buy my myself a good servo next month because I'm out of disposable money this month.
Can anyone post an updated April 2020 answer to this question?

I'm new to RC Drifting. My local track is indoor polished concrete.

I want to get an RC that I can upgrade as I go.

I'm looking at the Yokomo YD-2E or 2S. Any opinion on this choice?

I'm going to get a Yokomo YG-302 gyro with the kit.

I have NIB Hobbywing Xerun 120A V3.1 Sensored Brushless ESC and Hobbywing XERUN Justock 3650 SD G2.1 Sensored Brushless Motor (21.5T).

What would be a good midrange servo for under $100?

What tires should I run? Do body styles make a difference for drifting performance?

Thanks in advance.

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