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Help figuring out how to get started in ATL
I've never done R/C drifting before but I'm interested in getting started.

Since I'm a total beginner and not sure yet whether I want to be "all in", my initial impression from what I've read is that I should start with an AWD car.

I'm looking at two setups on rcmart:

$250 MST MS-01D

$220 Sakura D4

Both of these come with most of what you need, but I want to be sure I'm not missing any minor pieces.

The MST kit I think is supposed to be complete other than batteries & charger.  It also appears to have a better radio than the Sakura kit, being 3 channel instead of 2 and higher priced.  It does not have the gyro that the Sakura kit comes with which would add $23 extra and the 3rd channel can be used to control gain on the gyro.

The Sakura kit doesn't include a body (but you do get to pick your own body this way), plus I'm unsure whether it's missing some other minor items such as servo horn, pinion gear, motor wires (someone mentioned this in a review), etc...  I'm hoping that someone here who has purchased this kit can clarify all the pieces I would need to finish off the build.  Also, if I do need some of these bits, which ones should I buy?  i.e. - how many tooth pinion, etc...  I may also need a reamer for the body?

Is there any significant benefit to choosing one car over the other?  As far as I can tell they're both supposed to be pretty good cars with roughly similar levels of parts support and I *think* either one can be converted to RWD by removing the belts and possibly some other small modifications.

I also had a question about batteries.  I'm assuming that 2s lips are the way to go, but I've seen some offhanded mentions about battery weight affecting the car too.  Is the weight related to the mah capacity or what?  Are there specific batteries that are recommended?  How long should I expect say a 3000mah 2s lipo to last in a drift car - I imagine they may have different power requirements than a typical 1/10 offroad car which is what I'm more familiar with at this point.

I expect I'll mostly be driving either in the street in front of our house or parking lots - there's a big church across from our subdivision with a huge open parking lot I can use.  I work from home so I expect I can head over there over lunch 1-2 times a week, have 40-45 minutes to drive, then come back to work.

Is AWD still the recommended way for beginners to start out? Continuing to browse online sites it seems like the vast majority of cars for sale are RWD now and the MS-01D is down to basically one body style left that anyone seems to carry (Blue Evo).

Should I be considering the RMX 2.0 w/ gyro instead?

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