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Help on Carpet for drifting and links to buy them
I need some help on finding carpet to use for rc drifting. I looked at carpet online, but I don't know what kind of carpet to get, and when I find carpet that looks good for drifting, I don't know if they have fireproof stuff on it, fuzzes up, or if it is good for drifting. I've seen threads with people saying that certain kinds are good for drifting, but that doesn't really help with me. I would like links to sites on the carpet that rc drifters bought and use. I don't have a lot of money to spend on the racing carpet that costs $1,000 per roll right now. Like I would like good drifting carpet for a good and reasonable price, but still do good at drifting, whether it's roll or the tile kind. I'm asking for help from fellow RC Drifters about carpet to use, and links to buy it. Hope you guys can help me and send me links to places where to find carpet for drifting.
vertex was using a office style carpet at there old location it was nothing special just low pile carpet should get the job done
Thanks. I'll definitely look into office style carpet. I have also heard that Speaker box/ Automotive trunk liner fabric makes good drifting carpet as well. Has anyone have any experience with that kind of stuff, and is it any good carpet to use for RC Drifting?
The drift track here uses the speaker box carpet. They lay it down over a section of the onroad track. I personally haven't run on it yet but when I was there watching it appeared to work well.
Exceed RC MadPulse awd

Awesome. I should definitely look into speaker box carpet as well
Hotel remnants

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