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Help understanding rc characteristics between center 1way & front diff 1way
Hoping that title wasnt too long or funky.
Also wondering how this community looks at necro posting as i was wanting to help someone here with some gearing guide info but the post was 2 years old....

Anyways to the point. Ive read the center/pulley one ways are the way to go for cs drifting setups these days. Im rocking a very old TA05 V2 R with a front one way. Im wondering if i should attempt running a center one way especially since that will allow me to use different front diff gears i have to change my cs%
From what ive read a center one way has less aggressive rear slide out than compared to a front one way, is that true or how exactly  is that?
I even read that some people like to run a one way in for their pulley and their diff, any ideas why this would be? It sounds kind of redundant to me.

 - Thanks

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