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Help with choose electronics!!!
Ok soo i leave behind my chassis and now is time to gain the time i waste, i build too much gundams XD..ok soo i have this questions, best li-po battery and charger, good engine 10.5 with esc for my fxx,rmx and tt-02 frd. Don't need to be the most expansive i mean good quality/price, i hope get some help with my doubts thanks.

When I'm not working on my RC drift cars or driving, I'm working on my Gundams so I know how you feel XD.

In terms of lipo charger and battery, I am having good success with an older Dynamite Vision Ultra charger and some TrakPower 7.4 4000 mAh shorty packs. I would recommend perhaps a newer model Dynamite charger and an external balancer if your charger doesn't provide that feature. I am looking into SMC LiPo batteries as well as I would like more than just 2 packs.

I have found the Yokomo 10.5t Zero brushless motor & BL-Pro3 (or RS3) esc combination to be rather promising for the price and that is my default combination for all my chassis. The Speed Passion combos seem to be popular on this forum as well.

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