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Help with fitting a 200mm wide body on my Sakura D3
Im wondering if anyone can help me with a dilemma... i recenrly purchased a sakura D3 chassis and i wanted to stay with rhe pink anodized theme on the wheels. So i searched and searched for a set with a pretty deep offset and the most i could find was only 3mm!! To add to the mayhem i bought a 200mm body to go on this chassis, so now im trying to see if anyone here has dealt with putting a 3mm offset wheel with a 200mm width body, and what width of hex hub they had to use to male this work?
By my calculations, if the stock width is 190mm with a +5mm offset wheel, and the wheels i got are only 3mm, then that brings it down to 186mm. So if i need to get to 200mm then i would have to compensate 14mm total (or 7mm per side) in order to achieve the 200mm total width... does anyone know offhand whay thickness the stock hex hubs are so i can add the 7mm to it and get that thickness of hex hub?!! Please help!

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200mm bodies aren't necessarily 200mm wide at the wheels. Theoretically your calculations would work, but that is a general measurement. you really need to mount the body with a base set of wheels (whatever wheels you have) and then measure the difference between the body and face of the wheel to get the exact offset wheel you need.

Some 200mm bodies 3 and 6mm wheels look great on, while other 200mm bodies need 9mm or higher to look right.
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Ok. Thank you!! The body ive chosen ti go with is the Protoform Cadillac ATS-V.R
Ive measured it against an HPI 200MM Subaru body i have and it looks to be pretty close to the same width. The Subaru body is on my 190mm RS4 chassis and i had to use 9mm offset wheels on it for it to look right. So im hoping there is simething i can do without making the scrub angle so extreme that the wheels hit at full lock either on the body, or the chassis. Thanks for the help buddy!!

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I just got a 200mm HPI body. It fits D3 perfectly with original wheels.
[Image: jyJw4qQ.jpg]

One thing about the wheels is each manufacture seems to call offset number differently.
I measure the wheel following this instruction .
On my XXX-D Vip and a JZX100 Hpi/Overdose body 200mm i needed +7mm in the front and +9-11mm offset between how much camber i used.
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On my TT02 I used 9mm hexes and it fits perfect.

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