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Hi from Aussie land!
Hey guys, first up nice forums, great info every where, awesome!

I've only just started playing with drift cars, i've had an Ofna J10 for a while now, played with it a bit and modded it and have ordered my 1st proper cs car in the Sakura D3 due to my budget, lol, got the oneway and alloy steering mod and some other lil bits coming with it as well.
When i had money and a good back and job i use to race Serpent 1/8 on-road, awesome rush, biggest yet in r/c, but that was proper door to door racing, this is what i hope to get out of drifting, getting close at speed, but the thing i love about drifting is it's sideways, where i raced 1/8 the track was that bad we near drifted them at times and that was the best fun, i have rally and dirt track speedway in my blood, born to go sideways, drifting is just a different sideways but just as awesome, lol.

also don't mind playing with off-roaders, got an old bergonzoni 1/5 i just rebuilt and is off it's nut and a 1/8 electric that goes off as well. Looking at getting a Genesis electric boat after i finish spending money on the D3, lucky summer is not over yet and i have a few months till next summer, lol

enough raving, cheers
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hey how's it going, I'm in SA. got a few aussies on here now.
hi mate, not too bad, hangin to be honest, expecting my D3 in the morning, thanks to aussie day it's running a bit late, lol.
Awesome, R/C drift is starting to get going in Oz, about time :-)
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yeah if only would get a proper following here in SA and someone purpose build a drift track not a multi use grip/drift track like at my LHS
Welcome to the site....
The underdog drifter....
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Thanks Combat_Drftr B)

(01-31-2013, 06:17 AM)pickled Wrote:  yeah if only would get a proper following here in SA and someone purpose build a drift track not a multi use grip/drift track like at my LHS

It's the same every where bro, most using carparks as well. Where i live we have no track at all, i have a lil bit of interest with some mates keen as well as their kids, got 6 or 7 already very keen but i'm going to have to do most of the ground work myself and find a place for a track and design and build it. My local toy/hobby shop is shit and wont support any track because they sell crap stuff not worthy of putting on a track, in fact they say when their customers go to tracks they are made feel silly cause they have the wrong car, sold by a stupid shop. I was in the club mentioned, so i seen it from the other side and yeah, members just told them politely they got the wrong thing and the shop says they are treated like shit, trying to cover the fact they sold them crap to start with.
It's going to be some work but there are plenty of places we can use, i got my eye on a scout hall with a awesome cement floor but will have to pull the track down and put it up but i think they will let us store track stuff there, which isn't too bad.

Avoca Drift Shed Au.
Visitors Always Welcome!

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