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Hi I'm new here
Night pics.
[Image: dc250b3e45843cc2a4a7cebad3c394de.jpg][Image: 48489f018483cd85cca8ed57b7f395bb.jpg][Image: 7e552db7f311e0faef816212d9f8aa2d.jpg][Image: b1e9cded68a0795ae01ca917ac53e081.jpg][Image: 948277fce1230fe3a2304b5219849a41.jpg][Image: 17ef45d09dc1451013627c8c9a416a98.jpg][Image: d39e27d5e9d9c40aad10ba76ebcb5c6a.jpg]
Night Video enjoy.
Bump morning guys
Here's some pics of my
Other Bodyshell.

It's a Evo Shell.
[Image: fd9658ee5e261cd50acc7b1a7afa947e.jpg][Image: 68934b8153a2c0a020f3e7c96ade5572.jpg]
I will post up some pics tonight of the Evo's Lights working.
Night pics with evo Shell lights working.[Image: d7d893833e1d8c6d646a9911d0851198.jpg][Image: 34054c9558099df255503325b87464a1.jpg][Image: 7a7ecca05677ecc709cc520813002c1a.jpg][Image: 05acf343fa3bff05bda80e67e698017d.jpg]
Night Video.
I will post up some more pics tomorrow of one of my other RC Cars which is a nitro car which is a drift car all I done is put plastic wheels on it and they made it drift the Car make is a Hobao Hyper 10 with another one of my other Bodyshells on it I have also upgraded it a lot I have put a 1/5th scale battery pack on it and a 1/5th Scale Receiver and Transmitter on it so the battery's last a long time which is good cause it gives you more running time this car is nuts it's fast and a handful to control it spins out a lot but it's good fun.
My Mazda RX8 Bodyshell Has arrived it's sick the Colour is Mint Green.[Image: ed97b07055f827c3ef02e28d6bc2adfd.jpg][Image: bc4c479cabcf6e9f944e98631b40400e.jpg][Image: 0d3387d0a7a8ae1e8de4b3b2a278c22f.jpg]
Welcome to DM, Robster1992.
I'm actually helping a friend with a Strada to make it drivable in rwd, slowly getting there.
The colour you chose for the body isn't really my taste but I do like that RX-8 body shape a lot, I might get one for me too.

All you need now are action shots. ;)

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