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hobby shops in King of Prussia, PA?????
Hi, I'm heading down to King of Prussia, Philadelphia next week for work and I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good RC hobby shop in that area.  Remember, I have to go by taxi, so it can't be too far away.  Any advice would be appreciated, I live in Saint John New Brunswick and there are no hobby stores less than 3 hours away.  I would love to pick up some miscellaneous stuff while in the USA but I don't know the area at all and don't see anything much online.

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I'm not sure if they carry drift gear. I use to race off road at their track years ago. They have off road gear, heli/ drone gear, from what I remember. The hobby shop is about 15/20 min away from the king of prussia mall. It might be cheaper to get an uber/lift cab to get to the hobby shop.

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What brands or types of stuff are you looking for?

Keep in mind most shops in the US generally stock off-road and heli/plane stuff. They'll have some on road car kits and parts, rocket stuff and plastic models, but they'll likely be geared towards selling off-road trucks and drones and planes because those are where they make the money. They break way more often.
You might get lucky and find a shop that focuses on on road racing and maybe drifting, but unless in your in a major US city like NYC or on the west coast...good luck finding drift specific chassis, parts or upgrades in stock in a hobby store.
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