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Honda Integra Rebuild
(09-23-2015, 10:32 PM)glenyboy Wrote:  Answer to question 2 is normally mini magnets

is there a type I'm supposed to use or just use what I want?
Update today~

got the windows tapped off and painted the car the same color as the AE86 because I actually really love that gold color. though the painting still isn't done though as I now need to get more matte black for the fender and front bumper, and some minor touch up with my black pen lol

[Image: untitled_by_kaxlene-d9at1vx.jpg]
[Image: untitled_by_kaxlene-d9at1vs.jpg]
[Image: untitled_by_kaxlene-d9at1va.jpg]
[Image: untitled_by_kaxlene-d9at1uz.jpg]
[Image: untitled_by_kaxlene-d9at1ut.jpg]

and a extra little fun picture because why not?

[Image: untitled_by_kaxlene-d9at1ul.jpg]
Lookin good, the s13 inner will work from what I've seen. Eager to see how it progresses

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Well I'm back on this project, just took time away to get some work done.... that and no one in my state drifts. So far I still haven't had any luck finding those small magnets for the front bumper to get mounted, if anyone has a link it be greatly appreciated.
I found mine on ebay. Mini earth magnets.

[Image: 5a2b9f56e357a7c546dee13f07818425.jpg]

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this is dope! love the motor actually sitting in the bay also ive yet to see someone build an integra on here. the flatness of the paint fits the build really well

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