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How long has it been?
Hey everyone, typing this from my phone so it may not format correctly.

Getting back into RC drift after a while. Started when the losi xxx-s drift kit came out and loved it. Ended up selling it and leaving the hobby until about 4 months ago.

Got into the short course racing scene recently and loved it. Checked out the drift side and it has exploded. Loving the new tech and chassis specific for it.

I have a family, work in IT Operations and have loved cars in general forever. Willing to help as best as I can.

I have not decided on a chassis yet, rwd,awd, cs, 50 50. Using these forums to help with that =) .

Look forward to bsing with you all.

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Welcome! Believe me there's a lot to explore. It is a great forum here. I personally learned a lot just by reading.

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If we just could get people active again, a lot is reading but not many are posting.. a bit sad but i do my best hehe :)
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Well, there are a lot of new comers. Or more discussion topics? I know in a Subaru forum I linger around in time to time they have discussions on other brands and makes.

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Definitely intend on being active. I think the main issue with inactivity is that information is so readily available nowadays.

I remember when forums were locked from the public and there was no wikipedia. There wasnt youtube for reviews etc.

No worries though, loving the forums and looking forward to bsing more.

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Yokomo DP - RWD | Instagram: Hobby_Monster

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