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How To Mount Drift Tires
Hope this is ok to post since it is drift related. Its a video that I did spare of the moment on how to mount drift tires since I had many people asking me if I could make a video. I know there are other ways that people prefer but for me this is the easiest and quickest way.

great vid!  
but how long till they spin on the rims?
To be honest I have never had that happen or any issues.
cool so when they cool they shrink onto the rims more than if you were to glue them. I glue mine but I notice when they get really low they break the glue and start to spin the tyres off the rims?
Ya when you do this method it causes them to expand so they can slide over the wheel easily. Once it cools down it shrinks back down and forms a nice solid seal with the wheel. I do not glue mine for the reason of not wanting to fight with getting glue off or damaging the wheel when I want to put new tires on.

I have had the tire come off the wheel once but that was from factory mounted. Never from me doing it. I have heard of people wrapping some electrical tape around the wheels before they put the tire on to help them sit on there a bit better as well but I have never tried this. None of the guys where I live glue the tires onto the wheels.
Ok I will try your method next time. Wish I knew about it a couple of days ago lol. How do you get the used tyres off the rims?
I take them off the same way.
(11-06-2012, 04:37 AM)Dribble Wrote:  I take them off the same way.

thanks for the tips I'll remember how to do that for future wheels
No problem at all. Thank you for checking out the video and asking questions and glad I could answer them.
If you have tires that don't sit in the bead of the rim like the T-drifts do, you could get some rubber O-rings from Kazama, TNracing and lots of other manufactures that go on the rim and keep the tire in place.

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