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How to remove the play between Ball ends & Ball cups
I saw this on youtube ..
that mod completely removed the play on my D3 steering
simple & genius!
(the video is in french but it's easy to understand what he does)

if you do this mod, make sure that the sponge ball is small enough, otherwise you'll stress the servo.

I've done this on all the front linkage so now there is no vibration at all, even at low speeds.
the noise you hear at full lock is because the rims are touching the A arms. that does'nt happen when the car seats on floor

We used to do that back in the day on our off-road buggies, using those blue Cling Free dryer sheets.  Just use a hole punch and the 'hole' made perfect stuffing.
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My SC10 has sponge like this from the factory.



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What did you use for foam?
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I used the foam that usualy comes with electronic / computer parts
but a regullar sponge will be fine too
Couldn't you go with RPM ball ends? I use those on both my cars, there're $5 for 9 and there is no play at all.
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depends on the ball end sizes.. not all of the ball ends are SAE sizes (which is mainly what RPM are made for)
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try a dab of lock tight on the cup before you install the ball end and as its drying out move it a bit then when it's cured spray the ball end with Jig-A-loo anti frictional spray and you'll be tight and free moving i do this for every ball link i have and its tight and free moving ;)
I saw a other video online for open ball-cups .. basically the same trick , but you cut the foam in a circle shape ,slightly bigger , punch a hole in the middle and insert it on the ball-ends , then fit the ball-cups over that , so the foam tends to lift the cup and remove the play .. it worked on my tt01

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