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HPI E10 and HSP Flying Fish
my battery and steering servo came in today. and those were ordered after the car lol
So you got everything in?

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(09-08-2016, 04:22 PM)chewy660 Wrote:  So you got everything in?

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Not yet waiting on the car, driveshaft, remote, receiver, and a spare chassis with all the screws.
I hope everything gets there soon so your up and sliding

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Car will be here today

.jpg   IMG_20160909_104248.jpg (Size: 775.56 KB / Downloads: 17) car came in. Gotta take some more pics.
Yea take some more pics and whens everything else gunna come in? And trust me your gunna wanna go brushless soon alot longer drifts and better entrys my wife started with the e10 and now she wont put down my brushless cars lol I know what im getting her for her birthday lol

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[Image: 2008_BMW_M3.jpg]
right side^
[Image: bmw_m3_left_side.jpg]
^left side
[Image: Daryls_bike_034.jpg]
hood shot^ check it out, my project was in a rc club before
[Image: FRONT_END.jpg]
i believe this is the pic you requested.^
my phone camera takes to large of a pic so i have to upload to an image hosting site then link em. sorry.
[Image: rear_bumper_before.jpg]
this is how it came out the box^
[Image: REAR_VIEW.jpg]
bumper shot i made the exhaust tip at work today^
[Image: DIY_exhaust_tip.jpg]
close up exhaust^

[Image: MY_RC.jpg]
[Image: stripes.jpg]
removed a couple vinyls from each side and added carbon fiber stripes.
Very nice you may have better slides with a licked rear diff and I made my own shock towers the stock ones are garbage and there so soft and low longer shocks give more ride height and still soft spring is my set up, if you need anything else lemme know

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