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HPI E10 and HSP Flying Fish
Locked not licked lol

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I believe it's already a locked dif. My driveshaft spare chassis and bearing kit came in already. Driveshaft I ordered doesn't fit correctly but I'm gonna see if I can modify it so it will. Waiting on my receiver and my remote now.
If its too short you can use small o-rings to shim the drive shaft, and wouldnt you know I got my pinion in for my tt01 drove it for 2 min and burned out the steering servo, down for another week

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Dang. My driveshaft was to long. It's for an hpi e10. Is there another size?
See if theres o rings in the drive cups, how much longer is it

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[Image: drift_rc_004.jpg]
^I took an o-ring out of the rear cup. only way I can see this drive shaft working is if I take my dremel and grind out the front cup a bit and remove the front driveshaft and do a rwd conversion. i know i have the driveshaft laying on top of the rear cup but i didn't feel like takeing the rear end of and demonstrating how it is pushed back with the driveshaft installed lol.
contacted the original owner of this car. He sold it a year ago and now i have it. He confirmed it is an e10, said it had a full interior and a wing when he sold it. He said he its cool to see it again. hoping he can help me solve my driveshaft issues.

this is the previous owners youtube and you can see my car sliding around in the past.
Hiw much room is in front of the driveshaft nub maybe you can cut that down and that weird how much longer it is

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[Image: modified_aluminum_driveshaft.jpg]
Ok so i ground down the two pin side down with my dremel to the just before the second pin and put it in the rear cup then i put the original single pin side in the front cup and it fit perfectly now.

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