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HPI E10 and HSP Flying Fish
so today i went to lowe's and bought some materials. a buddy and i are building me a pit case.
sorry i've been away so long minor update
[Image: IMG_20170208_005253.jpg]
new body and wheels.^
[Image: IMG_20170208_005315.jpg]
looks a lot faster lol
[Image: IMG_20170208_005333.jpg]
front bumper
[Image: IMG_20170208_020914.jpg]
 dat ass
Dude the wheels are sick!

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As of the 18th i will be the new owner of a HSP Flying Fish. I am very excited for this car and when it comes in i'll have a daily slider.
[Image: hsp_flying_fish.jpg]
looks good^
[Image: hsp_chassis.jpg]
[Image: hsp_chassis_2.jpg]
[Image: hsp_chassis_3.jpg]
brushless motor easy run hobby wing ESC ^
[Image: hsp_steering.jpg]
those wheels though ^
[Image: hsp_motor.jpg]
close up on the motor^
[Image: hsp_esc.jpg]
esc close up^
[Image: hsp_hop_up.jpg]
one piece axles^
[Image: hsp_spare_parts.jpg]
i believe original but spares^
[Image: hsp_dif.jpg]
one way dif^
its in jersey now.
Hell yea

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I made some homemade over fenders outta a scrap body

[Image: 67e5ab75c2136ab4c9a531453d4d0f86.jpg]

[Image: c6917d8a462d32cb1bfcc08b52c5216e.jpg]

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my hsp arrived today, immediately set it up and went sliding!!! was a blast.

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