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Hpi E10 or exceed madspeed
So I'm kind of new to drifting. I have an hpi e10 and an exceed madspeed . which one do yous think is a better car? I know they are both entry level .the hpi e10 is up graded it has aluminum arms ,main drive shaft , carriers , and shock towers, shocks, and motor mount. The exceed is stock.but it has potential and I can make it 2wd with good turning angle. So what do you guys think?[Image: 810538c1ca8a3c5eb404cfe6e2f4e8dd.jpg]

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I think they would both be fine for AWD but if you want to go RWD I would get a deicated RWD chassis such as the Sukara D4, Yokomo YD-2, or the new MST RMX 2.0S.

Even is you decide to make the Exceed a RWD you will need a gyro in it. It's next to impossible to drift a RWD without one.
Exceed RC MadPulse awd


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