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HPI Pro-d
Hi this is my pro d spec r that i've held onto since brand new costing $700 aud back in the day =o 
Heres i'm at with it. Still very much a rwd noob so interested in any sound advice to help with development. 

Parts i already have-
Hpi pro d spec r
Novak Havoc sensored 8.5T combo
Bluebird BMS-630 MG (do't think it will be quick enough?) 
Overdose work cr-kai +9 (i think) set
Medium density tyres of some description 

Parts on order-
MST KPI knuckles
MST HT lower arms
MST 5.8 ball adjuster links x4

Currently Looking for cheap plastic or alloy upper arms that are nicer than what MST offer. Planning to space rear toe block for more traction. 
Looking For good value gyro??

Need to start looking rack options and if shocks can be rebuilt into something suitable. Not sure really what i'm looking for here other than trying to keep low budget. Front end parts  ordered owe me about $50 aud currently.

[Image: FE5B6E92-F633-4DC9-994F-B6093144D95B_zpshpmkxnh7.jpg]

[Image: 562039A7-D9E1-4AD3-8006-130D792FDE13_zpsizsfmlcx.jpg]
Nice project you got. Shame HPI didn't release these world wide. Most people that have had the opportunity to drift one claim them to be of the best kits out there. Just a shame spare parts aren't that easy to source.
Cheers the build quality is really nice and some of the driveline parts were kind of ahead of their time.. I drove it a little in 50/50 mode years ago and found the handling far too sedate with a 10.T, i remember people having success with the chassis running 7700kv or higher.

I'll have to start looking out for cheap parts. Nearly let this go quite cheap but am glad i stuck with it.. Oz-rc is trying to sell one atm for $500.

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